3 Reports of Auto Parts and Art Theft: Red Bank PD Blotter

RED BANK, NJ — Several cases of “criminal mischief” were reported last month at Red Bank, authorities said.

According to the Red Bank Police Department, the following incidents have been reported in the borough.

  • 1st of March – Patrol units responded to a theft report near W. Westside Av. The catalytic converter was stolen from a vehicle, according to the owner. The owner had no idea of ​​the value of the stolen coin. Ptl. Andrew Todd took the report.
  • March 2 – A report of theft was taken by the patrol unit of the Carmen Pl. area. Theft of a catalytic converter from a vehicle has been reported by the owner. The coin was worth $2000.00. The report was taken by Ptl. Michael Zadlock.
  • 3rd of March – In the W. Bergen Pl. area, a company employee reports a stolen catalytic converter from a company-owned vehicle. No value has been assigned to the stolen coin. Pte Taylor Doremus took the report.
  • 3rd of March – A The Patrol Unit received a report of theft from a business in the E. Front St area. A stolen gold plated necklace was reported by the owner of the business. The necklace was worth $200.00. Ptl. Andrew Todd handled the report.
  • March 11 – A patrol unit responded to a bike theft report near Shrewsbury Avenue. A red and black Kink Curb BMX-style bicycle worth $394.51 was stolen from the backyard of a property, according to the owner. Ptl. Jhonatan Quispe took care of the report.
  • Mach 25 – A company on Bodman Pl. declared theft. An employee reported the theft of several works of art. Two 25″ x 46″ paintings valued at $7,100.00 and a 40″ x 30″ artwork valued at $1,810.00 were among the items stolen. Ptl. Jhonatan Quispe took care of the report.
  • March 25 – A patrol unit responded to a report of criminal mischief to a motor vehicle in Bridge Avenue. region. Four tires of a vehicle were punctured, according to the owner of the vehicle. The tires were worth $1,000.00. Ptl. Jhonatan Quispe took care of the report.
  • March 27 – A patrol unit responded to a report of criminal mischief involving a motor vehicle. A large scratch on the driver’s side of a vehicle was reported in the Carmen Pl. area by the owner of the vehicle. The cost of damage to the vehicle is unknown. Ptl. Jhonatan Quispe took care of the report.
  • March, 31st – An employee of a business in the White St. area reported a shoplifting incident. According to the employee, an unknown person stole $1,200.00 worth of clothing from the store. Ptl Froilan Hernandez handled the report.

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