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Maintaining a car can be an overwhelming task. Likewise, taking the car for every little thing could quickly increase monthly expenses. Here are 5 car parts that you can just replace yourself without damaging the car.

Air filter

An air filter is like a mask that the car breathes. This should be cleaned at regular intervals and replaced once a year. The air filter can be replaced quite easily on a car. Locate the air box under the hood of the vehicle. It will usually be in the upper part as it needs access to fresh air. Remove the cover and remove the dirty air filter. Clean it with water and an old toothbrush. Dry it and put it back. If your filter has developed black spots that do not go away even after washing, you need to replace the filter.

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Oil filter

The oil filter is the next among the car parts that you can replace. Now, replacing the oil in a car requires users to open a drain bolt located under the car, but the oil filter is quite accessible. The key points to remember before replacing the oil filter is to soak it in fresh oil. Also be sure to put on a new oil filter first and then replace the oil. It’s an easy replacement, but you mess up your hands and the floor. So keep a rag nearby to clean up the mess.

Car parts oil filter

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Wiper blade

A squeaky wiper could be quite annoying inside the car. It could also affect visibility and reduce your safety. Instead, you can just buy a new wiper from the store and replace it yourself. It’s pretty straightforward. Most cars have a sliding mechanism and do not require the bolts to be removed. If your vehicle is old, there may be a screw that you need to work on.

Auto Parts - Wiper Blade

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Plug and play headlights

Headlights used to be not something you could replace on your own. Nowadays there are plug and play units which can be installed by yourself. Now your vehicle should have this plug and play system and the headlight unit you buy should have the same type of connector as well. We suggest that before removing your existing headlight, just check if the connection works with your vehicle and then proceed to your installation. First, disconnect the wire then unscrew the nuts retaining the headlights and remove the existing headlight. Then connect the new headlight first, then put it in the holder and tighten the screws.

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Completely changing fluids in a car may not be possible for everyone. But filling up car fluids is quite possible for everyone. You can fill up with oil and coolant easily without the help of a mechanic.


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So here are some parts that you can replace yourself. These will keep the car running smoothly and save you money on labor costs. Join our new WhatsApp update list by clicking here. For more content, subscribe to Motoroctane Youtube, Google News, Facebook and Twitter. We also have a paid car advisory service for all your doubts – find out more before making one of your biggest investments.

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