5 car logos/emblems and the vision behind them

The logo is associated with the vision and stories behind the rise and growth of automotive companies. They are the main recognized aspect of any vehicle and each of the famous car manufacturers has a story behind their official logo.

Whether sedans or sedans, coupes or SUVs, car manufacturers are constantly innovating and presenting us with cars that meet all our requirements. Each of these world famous brands has an inspiration, a story behind what makes them great. A glimpse or overview of these stories is dictated by the official corporate emblem. Let’s take a look at some of the world’s most iconic car brand emblems and the inspiration/ideas behind them.


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There are two types of car brands – one that keeps changing its logos to be relevant and gain credibility, while the other stays consistent for years because it works for it. Mercedes falls into the second category. The world famous brand’s three-pointed star has blessed the bonnets of thousands of widely used and respected vehicles. Originally, the brand’s logo featured a gold star. It then evolved into a white-colored star set in the middle of an apparent circled border with details around its edges. The third variant is the one that is still used. It represents the power and prevalence of Daimler engines at sea, in the air and on land, each represented by a pointer.



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The four-ring logo is associated with the German automaker. Audi’s logo resembles the official logo of the Olympics and goes far beyond simplicity. Each of the rings signifies the merger of four major car manufacturers (Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer). All joined forces to form Auto Union AG. At first, each ring featured an individual logo, but eventually the company logos were erased.



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An innovative leader in the automotive industry, Hyundai with its powerful cars has managed to create waves on a global scale. The H-shape inside the oval represents two people shaking hands. One number symbolizes the business while the other represents the customer. The logo represents mutually earned trust and respect.



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Toyota Kirloskar Motor is a Toyota Motor Corp. company. It is currently the fourth largest automaker in India. The company sports a universally recognized logo that strikes everywhere. It consists of three ovals, all arranged symmetrically horizontally. The two perpendicular ovals symbolize the heart of the customer and the company. The larger oval represents Toyota’s extensive offering as a brand. Overlapping ovals signify a win-win relationship between customers.



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Another leading automaker in India and globally, Honda offers a wide variety of cars with outstanding performance. Their official logo is minimalist and clean. The “H” in the logo is very thick, and this thickness represents durability, trust and reliability. As it descends, the “H” thins out, appearing like arms that are pointing skyward. Their motto? “The Power of Dreams” – Totally appropriate.


Here are some of the major car manufacturer logos and their respective meanings. Behind each of them is an inspiring story. We hope it inspires you too in some way!

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