A New World for Automotive Logos and the Rise of Branded Podcasts: Your Marketing Week


With Russell on vacation, it’s my turn to take another look at this week’s key stories and offer some insight into what they mean to you and the industry. From the future of automotive brands to the boom in the branded podcast, it’s been a busy week. Here is my opinion.

The highway to the future

There have been a slew of logo updates for major car brands over the past few weeks. First Volkswagen and BMW updated their image, then Nissan and Toyota did the same.

The changes are mainly cosmetic. Gone are the multi-faceted 3D effects and rendered metallic surfaces, replaced by clean, two-dimensional versions of the company’s brands.

The reasons for the changes have sparked some of the usual garbage that gushes out of executives’ mouths when they try to justify a logo upgrade. “We developed the brand’s new visual design with ‘tomorrow’ in mind,” says Nissan. “Toyota believes in mobility for all; this freedom to move, to travel, to access whatever you want to access is essential for better results in life, ”says Toyota.

Yet, there is more going on below the surface than it first appears. Automakers are under increasing pressure to phase out internal combustion engines in favor of cleaner energy. At the same time, consumers are looking for more flexibility in accessing cars.

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