A single car parking space in St Ives, Cornwall sells for £ 45,000

This unique parking space (the one marked in red) sold for £ 45,000 (Photo: Miller Countrywide / Solent News)

Okay, you’ve finally managed to save enough money for a deposit on an apartment in London.

What if, instead of getting a mortgage on an apartment, you used that money to just buy one parking space?

It might sound a little weird, but in St Ives, Cornwall, paying £ 45,000 for a place to park your car isn’t a crazy idea.

The proof: this is exactly how much a parking space has sold for in the heart of the seaside resort.

The tarmac plot sits on top of a hill overlooking Porthminster Beach and was sold to an unidentified buyer for £ 45,000.

It was snatched just a week after being listed by Miller Countrywide and broke records for the region’s most expensive space.

Its location partly justifies this price.

The space is less than a mile from the beach and a short walk from the town’s restaurants and the Tate Art Gallery.

In the photo: the space (marked in red) that has sold.  A single parking space in Cornwall sold today for a record £ 45,000, with landowners taking advantage of the growing interest in the area due to the G7 summit.  The tarred grounds of the middle-class seaside resort St Ives are tucked away in a small car park on top of a hill that overlooks famous Porthminster Beach.  The region has been placed in the global spotlight as world leaders - including Boris Johnson, Joe Biden and Angela Merkel - descended on Cornwall for the G7 summit.  SEE OUR COPY FOR DETAILS.  Please enter: Miller Countrywide / Solent News?  Miller Countrywide / Solent News & Photo Agency UK +44 (0) 2380 458800

Worth it? (Photo: Miller Countrywide / Solent News)

And with more and more Londoners packing their stuff and moving to Cornwall, having a place to park is really becoming gold dust.

Moreover, the G7 summit – which saw world leaders such as Joe Biden and Boris Johnson descend on St Ives – paid even more attention to the region.

“It put us in the spotlight,” said the realtors who sold the space. “This is also due in large part to Covid. Parking is a real problem in St Ives.

On the field rectangle list, Miller Countrywide said, “One parking space for one vehicle.

‘Located in town close to local amenities. A good size with easy access.

‘Located on Porthminster Terrace in a location close to the city. One parking space, good size with easy access. Ideally located near the city. ‘

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