A stray bullet in a hotel parking lot causes panic

A stray bullet found in the parking lot of a star hotel opposite Jakkur airfield sparked panic on Friday afternoon among police officers, who suspected disruptive activity. However, a detailed investigation led them to track down an elderly woman – the wife of a retired air force officer – who had thrown a few rounds from her licensed German-made rifle when the family was came to dinner at the hotel.

The incident erupted when Fayaz Ahmed, the hotel’s housekeeping staff, found the ball in the parking lot while sweeping on Friday afternoon. He alerted his manager, who in turn alerted the Yelahanka police. Police rushed to the scene and cordoned off the area for further investigation after registering a case under India’s Arms Act 1959.

Police also summoned the bomb detection squad, which searched the entire hotel to find another bullet in a flowerpot at the scene.

Police analyzed CCTV footage and found a woman throwing the ball into the flowerpot. They tracked down the woman using the vehicle registration number and were taken to the family of a retired Air Force captain.

Further inquiries revealed that the family had a licensed German-made rifle and the woman, believed to be mentally ill, carried the ammunition to the hotel and dumped it there.

On Monday, police summoned the family and recorded their statement for further investigation. They are now filing a detailed report in court seeking permission to close the case.

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