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Subscribers to Abu Dhabi’s multi-storey car park can now use the seven parking spaces at no additional cost, authorities said.

The Integrated Transportation Center (ITC) of the Abu Dhabi Municipalities and Transportation Department said the goal of the decision is to make it easier for subscribers to park the multi-storey car park and provide them with ample parking spaces in allowing them to use their subscriptions in all facilities.

ITC also aims to encourage the public to use these multi-storey car parks to reduce congestion in surface parking areas, and thereby increase customer satisfaction with the city’s parking services.

The center said the total number of parking spaces available in multi-storey car parks in Abu Dhabi is now 3,788, spread across seven car parks. Among these, 31 places are specifically dedicated to determined people and 182 reserved for female drivers. The car parks also include 16 parking spaces for recharging hybrid vehicles.

How it works

Officials explained that each multi-storey car park subscriber will receive a magnetic subscription card to use at entry and exit gates in all multi-storey car parks that use the latest cutting edge technology. The system also has a license plate reader camera that can identify subscriber information, giving them easy access to the building.

A single subscription card will now facilitate entry to all seven multi-storey car parks in Abu Dhabi without having to pay the additional fees previously charged for using other car parks.

ITC noted that multi-storey parking spaces in Abu Dhabi are spread over seven different locations in the capital.

Motorists can obtain quarterly, semi-annual or annual parking passes for their vehicles. The subscription fees for the use of multi-storey car parks amount to Dh 1,369 for three months, Dh 2,738 for six months and Dh 5,475 for the whole year.

Vehicle owners can request subscriptions by visiting the official ITC website, www.itc.gov.ae, or the ITC Customer Satisfaction Center located in Abu Dhabi Municipality, or government service centers. from Abu Dhabi – TAMM.

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