All car logos are cool! But can they beat them?

The logos of car brands are as interesting as their cars. Let us know more about different car logos!

There was a time when logos were only for marketing, but now they have gained reputation and are hyped to define your own prestige! If you’re easily flattered by car logos, here are some chic logos that are sure to win you over!


Mercedes Benz


There’s no harm in calling the Mercedes Benz emblem a pioneer! In 1872, Gottlieb Daimler, who ran the Deutz gasoline engine manufacturing business, drew a three-pointed star on a postcard and sent it to his wife, adding a prediction that this emblem, a symbol of prosperity, would lead its factory to command heights. Now we are witnessing how the predictions follow one another!


Where car manufacturers mainly fight for silver-lined logos in black or white, Abarth flaunts evocative colors of black, red and yellow. In addition, the logo features a Scorpio, the astrological sign of Carlo Abarth, the founder. Embossed in a crest, the scorpion has this belligerence implying firm vigor and vitality.


Volvo’s uplifting logo displays virility and toughness by encompassing the element of iron in it. A Swedish calligrapher, Karl Erik Roseberg, is the magician behind the logo that arose in the 1950s to spark the race for fancy logos.


Cadillac embarked on a journey to introduce automobiles within the reach of the popular masses. This complex logo, inspired by the coat of arms of the French globetrotter Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, signifies the nobility and ethics of the company.


Subaru, a Japanese name, translates to “unite”. The Subaru logo appeared much later in 2003 and signifies the star constellation of Taurus. They kept it light but stylish!



The Lamborghini kingmaker has a golden snorting bull as its logo. The wild being amplifies the strength of the company. If you think Ferrari’s horse has something to do with Lamborghini, then you’re right! The intense struggle between the companies is reflected in the logo.


BMW, the mammoth automotive brand, has a lucid yet exquisite logo. The blue and white blocks engraved in a black circle carry the professionalism of the company. The company originates from the German state of Bavaria and the Bavarian flag has its face in the logo.


Toyota has a chic but subtle logo. To this day, it has never failed to wear the pride of the world’s largest automaker.


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