All Secret Car Parts Locations

Saints Row Car Parts is a scavenger hunt to build some of the best vehicles in the game. Saints Row doesn’t do anything halfway so, of course, all the car parts you need to collect hang on Mad Max style car part windmills. Finding all of these parts will fill your garage with seven of the weirdest vehicles in the game. Here are the locations of all of them. Saints Row Car parts.

Saints Row Car Parts: Preparation

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There are seven vehicles to collect by collecting car parts. They vary in speed, power, and general usefulness. The six vehicles you can acquire are:

  • Vindicator Rocket Car
  • Ghost of the Fried Dutchman
  • heavy monster truck
  • Potato in aluminum foil
  • Motorcycle Widow
  • The ant
  • Golden dump truck

Most of these vehicles are earned by collecting the Lost Wheels Discovery collectibles. These are all automatically marked on your map from the start of the game, so tracking them down is not a difficult task. Not all of them are easy to access, but none of them should cause you much trouble.

To make your life easier, it’s a good idea to bring a helicopter for this. Some of the items are on elevated areas which are not easy to access on foot. Luckily, a handful of missions through the main story will unlock a helipad and give you easy access to a helicopter at all times.

Only one of these vehicles is not from Lost Wheels research. Fittingly, to get the Golden Dump Truck, you need to go Dumpster Diving. Dumpster Diving is as glamorous an activity as it sounds, but luckily you don’t need to do much. By searching four specific dumpsters, you’ll get the golden truck.

Saints Row Car Parts: Vindicator Rocket Car

The Vindicator rocket car in the garage
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Here are the locations of all the Lost Wheels car parts you need to unlock the Vindicator rocket car.

  • Badlands North – In the northern part of the region, in the hills north of the bend in the Prison Road
  • Badlands North – Still in the northern part of the area, east of the previous part, next to a railroad bridge
  • Badlands North – Directly south of the previous part, near a bridge over the main road
  • Badlands North – South again from previous parts, on a hill just outside of town
  • Badlands North – Southwest of the previous part, this one is also in the hills just west of town, directly west of the Impressions and Everything is a Million Dollars clothing stores

Once you collect these parts, the Vindicator Rocket Car will appear in your Garage.

Saints Row Car Parts: Ghost of the Frying Dutchman

The Frying Dutchman in the garage
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Find all these Lost Wheels auto parts to get yourself the Ghost of the Frying Dutchman.

  • Rojas Desert North: North of the area, on a short bluff overlooking the Kavanagh County Park Service building. Use a helicopter or the nearby weather station to make a wingsuit up there
  • Rojas Desert North: Southeast of the previous part, in a parking lot overlooking a lake to the east
  • Rojas Desert North: Further southeast, on the shore of the lake that the previous location overlooked
  • Rojas Desert North: West of the previous few parts, on top of a large mesa with a viewing platform. Climb the stairs or use a helicopter to reach the top
  • Rojas Desert North: Southeast of the previous part, on the other side of the crossroads. On a hill by a lake

Saints Row Car Parts: Foil Potato Car

The potato in foil in the garage
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Here are all the parts you need to build your very own Tinfoil Potato car.

  • Badlands South: The northernmost auto part is on the west side of the main road, on a hill next to a cabin
  • Badlands South: Go south from the previous part, you will find this one on a hill overlooking a rest area and a few mobile homes
  • Badlands South: Again, directly south of the above. This one is on a slope in a large open area of ​​the desert, away from the roads
  • Badlands South: Head south again, this part is in the middle of the dry lake bed next to a boat on a rock
  • Badlands South: Southeast of the previous part, this one is next to the main road. You will find it on top of a rock next to a pylon

Saints Row Car Parts: Heavy Monster Truck

The heavyweight in the garage
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Grab these coins to get your very own gravedigger. These parts are all over the map, so be prepared to put some miles on the clock.

  • Rojas Desert North: South of the region, on a small island in a lake
  • Rojas Desert North: To the northwest, on the border with Monte Vista. On a hill near the train tracks
  • Rojas Desert South: In the far south of the region, on the east side of the dam
  • Badlands South: On a hill just outside of town, directly south of Go Kart Go!
  • Badlands North: This one is technically in Badlands North, but it’s on an island between the area and Lakeshore North. The island is southwest of the main bridge connecting the two regions

Saints Row Car Parts: Widow Motorcycle

The Widowmaker in the Garage
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Here are all of the Widowmaker parts locations.

  • Rojas Desert North: In the west of the region near the border with the old town, between the two main roads
  • Rojas Desert South: In the far south of the area, east along the coast from the dam
  • Badlands South: south of the Go Karts Go clothing store and east of a small lake, on top of a hill
  • Badlands South: On the west side of the small lake near the previous part, the Lost Wheels Windmill sits atop an old school bus
  • Badlands North: Northeast of the region, on an island in the river between the Badlands and Lakeshore North. You can use a ramp at Lakeshore North to get there by fast car, or you can swim or take a helicopter.

Saints Row Car Parts: The Ant

The ant in the garage
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These pieces will get you the classic Saints Row dune buggy, the ant.

  • Rojas Desert South: At the top of one of the shortest mesas in the north of the region. A ramp can take you there or use a helicopter
  • Rojas Desert South: This part is just southwest of the previous one, on top of a large mesa. There’s a ramp to the east that you can use to jump a car onto it, or you can use a helicopter to get up there
  • Rojas Desert South: Further southwest of the last part, this windmill is on a short cliff near a water tower
  • Rojas Desert South: Go south from the previous part to a small lake, the part is on the southwest shore
  • Rojas Desert South: There is a road on the south side of the lake, follow it east until you come to a warehouse next to an old crane. The automotive part is on the roof of the crane.

Saints Row Car Parts: Golden Dump Truck

The golden garbage truck in the garage
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These are the specific dumpsters you need to search for in order to find the four parts that make up the Golden Dump Truck.

  • Old Town East: There is a dumpster in the alley behind Apollo’s Coffee, just off the main street
  • Lake Sebastian: On New Birmingham Island in the middle of Lake Sebastian, you’ll find the dumpster in a shed on the northern end of the island
  • Marina West: The dumpster is behind some buildings north of the main boulevard and just south of Bear Lake
  • Badlands North: This dumpster is right on the border with Badlands South, on the north side of the road that separates the two regions. Look around the buildings east of the weather station.

That’s it, all Saints Row car parts you need to unlock all special vehicles. For more gameplay tips, check out the full list of Saints Row weapons.

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