Apple investigates South Korean suppliers of Apple Car parts

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The main manufacturer of the future “Apple Car” should be chosen by the end of 2022, and South Korean companies are vying for parts.

Backing up a recent claim by Wedbush, a new industry report claims that Apple will select its lead partner for the “Apple Car” by the end of the year. Wedbush’s claim says Apple will announce the partnership in 2022, but the new report says only that selection will be complete.

According to Computer news in Korea, however, selection will be followed by the start of full-scale development. Reportedly, Apple executives visited South Korean auto companies on December 11, 2021, marking the second time they have been in talks with local companies.

The post says Apple is believed to have had discussions with a major manufacturer, but also wants to use several South Korean electronics companies.

Citing unspecified auto parts industry sources, Computer news in Korea says that several companies have formed a “task force” in an effort to jointly obtain Apple’s business. Apple imposes considerable secrecy, however, which deters some companies from working with it.

“Apple Car business happens below the surface,” an unnamed official told the publication. “If the information is disclosed to a company, it may be removed from the candidate supplier. It is treated with great care.”

“There are many auto parts companies that don’t even consider becoming partners because Apple’s automotive requirements are so harsh,” the official continued. “And the security is very tight, so sharing information is not easy.”

Separately, these secrecy and security issues reportedly led Apple to back out of a deal with Hyundai to make the “Apple car.”

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