Auto parts business reopens after surviving Longton hell

A business selling high-performance auto parts is open again – after a fire engulfs a nearby premises. Emergency services rushed to Sutherland Road in Longton on Sunday June 12 after plumes of black smoke could be seen for miles around.

Four fire engines attended the scene which saw the fire break out at Aynsley Mill. It is next to Tegiwa Imports which has been selling auto parts for 16 years. Its Longton branch has been in business for five years.

An investigation is now underway into the cause of the fire involving tires and waste.

Tegiwa Imports manager Luke Sedzikowski lives in Eccleshall and was alerted to the fire by customers. He arrived at the scene around 3:05 p.m.

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He told StokeonTrentLive: ‘Local people who know me saw it and then phoned me to say the place was on fire. By the time I arrived, a fire engine was already there.

“I saw a lot of smoke and the fire was going on. It was between the two premises next to me – there are quite a few businesses going from there.

“Police had cordoned off the road while firefighters put out the fire. They had everything under control.

“We weren’t allowed to do anything until they told us it was safe to do so, and then they allowed us into the building. I wanted to enter the building and empty all my cars, I had five cars there.

“We showed them around and then they let us get the cars out.”

A fire in Longton left Tegiwa Imports looking like this

Tegiwa Imports staff worked until 9 p.m. Sunday June 12 to repair the side of the building that was damaged in the fire. The business reopened on Monday (June 13).

Luke added: ‘Our building was partially damaged in the fire. Fortunately, all of my staff were good at coming to help fix the building.

“As soon as it was safe to do so, we fixed the side and finished at 9 p.m. We had to coat the entire burnt side.

“The fire didn’t really penetrate inside. It only damaged items that were on the shelves just behind the wall.

Plumes of smoke after the Longton fire on Sunday

“Everything is fine, the business has not been affected and we were open again on Monday morning (June 13). Thank you all for all the support.

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