Bournemouth Development Company’s parking policy could change

THE “bonkers” policy which obliges the company partly owned by BCP Conseil to replace all the parking spaces on the site it is developing could be modified to provide a “viability solution”.

At present, projects on public car parks by the Bournemouth Development Company (BDC) require all spaces to be redeveloped in one place.

This has taken place in all four projects run by the company, which is a 50/50 partnership between the local authority and private company Muse Developments, so far.

But the Deputy Head of the PCO Council, Cllr Philip Broadhead, said this did not always make sense and could delay projects.

Cllr Broadhead said the policy enshrined in the BDC agreement to re-provision every space on the site was “crazy”.

He said discussions were underway to resolve the issue, which would perhaps solve the problems some regeneration plans are currently facing.

“If you have two sites close to each other, one has 100 spaces and the other has 200 spaces, why not just put 300 on one of them to keep the parking supply” said Cllr Broadhead.

“We are now unlocking this solution, so we are maintaining public parking because it is really necessary in a city center and a tourist center, but have a much more pragmatic solution on how it happens.

“Wouldn’t it be better to have a larger, well-located car park, than lots of small ones. This will unlock a viability solution, potentially including for the Conservatories as at the moment we are replacing all the public parking on the Conservatories site making it quite expensive. Would it be better to have it nearby rather than on site or replaced as part of the BIC?

“That’s what we’re doing on it right now.”

Initially, 16 council-owned sites around Bournemouth town center were identified for development by the BDC.

To date, four projects have been completed with the Madeira Road, The Citrus Building, Berry Court and St Stephen’s Road projects.

Many people questioned the approach of building over car parks, with the perception that parking supply had been reduced.

Cllr Broadhead said the number of parking spaces had increased thanks to BDC’s four programs to date.

“One of my huge frustrations is with the reality of public parking supply and the perception of public parking supply,” said Cllr Broadhead.

‘No matter how many times I said back in the days of Bournemouth Borough Council when the Bournemouth Development Company was set up to build on public car parks it was still written that any public car park should be replaced .

“With the four sites that have been completed so far, by the time they were developed there was actually more public parking than when they started.

“If you stop most people in the street they think Bournemouth has removed all of its public parking, when in fact there is more than there was at the start.”

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