Business man finds joy in collecting car logos


FOR most people, an automobile logo is just something that identifies an automobile manufacturer.

But for an avid collector who has amassed over 2,000 pieces, it is a work of art.

Ho Juan Kan, 54, developed an interest in automotive logos as he has worked in the auto parts industry for 36 years.

According to the father of three, he started this unusual hobby about six years ago after opening his own shop.

“I originally ordered them for customers who wanted to replace their old car logos in my store.

“Over time, I grew to appreciate these logos as works of art and would place additional orders so that I could add them to my collection.

“I mostly collect Japanese car logos like Toyota, Lexus, Honda and Nissan, but I can’t name a favorite because each one is unique.

“Those in my collection are not only the logos found on the front of the car, but also those on the rear that define the make and model of the car,” he explained.

Ho said a lot of research has gone into the hobby as the items ordered are original and come direct from the automaker.

“When ordering the logos I have to be very specific about the car model, model year and location of the logo I’m looking for as some specifications change with each car edition.

“Being in this business made it easier for me to acquire the logos,” he said.

Ho, who insists on keeping items in their original packaging, said he treats logos like any collector would with his items.

“I take them out of their box from time to time to admire them.

“I have no intention of selling my collection, which includes the logos of a limited edition Lexus.

“It was believed that there was only one of this car model available in Malaysia,” he added.

Ho said no one else in his family shared his interest, although he hoped that one day his children would take over the collection and continue on his behalf.

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