Campaign against Tesco Stourbridge parking rules gathers pace

Stourbridge councilor Mohammed Hanif, community activist Andrew Tromans and Lou Pardoe, a local resident who supports the campaign

Tesco has removed a former car park in Stourbridge to make way for its Extra store in the High Street and has promised to provide long-term parking in Stourbridge town centre.

However, now, in a blow to the city’s nightlife, the company stopped people using the car park for more than two hours before until 2015 it was three hours.

The online petition is currently backed by over 750 people calling on Tesco to ‘continue to support Stourbridge by allowing parking for more than two hours for community events and local groups’.

However, Tesco says customers cannot find parking spaces because of townspeople using the car park.

Community activist Andrew Tromans, who started the petition, said: “The multi-storey car park, which served the old Crown Centre, has been demolished to make way for Tesco Extra Stourbridge. Since then locals have relied on the Tesco car. park for your shopping in the store but also to park safely nearby when visiting the town hall or the Crystal Leisure Base.”

Andrew continued: “Tesco does a lot of good in Stourbridge by supporting local charities and community groups. I really hope they reconsider and work with others to find an arrangement for long term parking. Our city is likely to suffer if Tesco does not move on this issue.”

A two-hour limit has been in place since 2015, reduced from the initial free three hours, but concert-goers attending shows at City Hall, part of the Crown Center complex, have often received a discretionary pardon for stay for the duration of the event they are attending – after notifying store management.

Wollaston and Stourbridge Councilor Cat Eccles said: “There is a real sense of disappointment from people that Tesco has turned its back on the community in this way. Tesco shares the Crown Center with the town hall and the library, and as well as the regular entertainment program, many local corporations and groups use the town hall for their meetings.

“I appreciate that Tesco is fed up with being faced with abuse from people who have stayed in the car park too long and been ticketed, that this is completely unacceptable. But the method used up to present to register the registrations of the town hall customers worked well.”

She added: “I worked with council officers and others to come up with solutions to present to Tesco and their parking contractor Horizon. Some residents even said they were happy to pay a little extra for staying in the car longer We hope Tesco sees the sense and continues to support the town of Stourbridge.

“Kudos to the members of the community who started this petition to demonstrate the strength of the feelings of the local people.”

A Tesco spokesperson said: “Shoppers at our Stourbridge Extra store have been telling us for some time that they may have difficulty finding parking spaces, which is why we are enforcing a two-hour parking limit. .

“We are offering extended parking to local business owners and City Hall staff, including those who work at events and productions, and we are working with City Hall to see if there is a a viable solution that will also allow us to offer parking for people attending the shows.”

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