Car Logos – German Edition

German cars are renowned for their style and precision. Some of the most iconic car manufacturers belong to Germany!

Automakers spend a lot of time brainstorming and designing logos. These logos are essential for people to recognize and associate with the brands. Aesthetic logos tend to draw people’s attention to products. German brands have had some of the best designs in the world. Some of their luxury brands belong to the highest level in the history of the automotive industry. We’ll take a look at these logos and enjoy them!


1937 to today

This company, which emerged from the German Labor Front, is one of the best known and most trusted brands in the world. The most recent iteration of the logo consists of the letters “V” and “W” which are the company’s initials. In the early years, the logo looked like a stylized cogwheel designed as a swastika symbol. However, the 2000 logo showed the “V” and “W” as beautifully entangled white-colored initials that looked shiny against the blue background!


1926 to today

The logo of this iconic company has long been the 3-pointed star. There is a special message hidden behind this design. The 3 dots represent land, sea and air – three terrains the company seeks to dominate. During the merger (Mercedes and Benz) in 1926, the 3-pointed star was enclosed in a circle, giving it an iconic look.


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1909 to today

Germany’s oldest recognized car manufacturing company is one of the most iconic brands in the world. The logo is as well known as possible. The logo is quite simple and unique in its design – 4 overlapping rings. The association of 4 independent car manufacturers – Audi, DKW, Wanderer and Horch created what we know today as Audi. The four rings symbolize this union!


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1916 to today

The BMW logo is seen as a rotating propeller by many people, which is just a myth. The importance and meaning of the logo lies in the colors. The colors white and blue signify the colors of the state of Bavaria, Germany. The state of Bavaria happens to be the birthplace of BMW! The first time this logo was seen on the streets was in 1923, with the color scheme and the letters “BMW”.


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1931 to today


The black horse that appears on the Porsche logo is taken from the Stuttgart coat of arms. This is the city where Porsche started. Originally, Stuttgart was founded as a place of horse breeding. This made adding the horse a guarantee! The logo is a symbol of status, wealth and power – qualities synonymous with the brand. The company name is engraved in gold letters giving the logo a regal look.

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