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The most comprehensive collection of car logos

It was July 3, 1886 when German inventor Karl Benz took his stationary two-stroke gasoline engine, a chassis, and put the two together. The era of the automobile begins. The motorized road vehicle was invented that day and for auto guys like us things would never be the same again. Almost immediately, inventors around the world took every conceivable vehicle and device and tried to add a high speed motor. It was Benz Patent Motor Car Number 1, the very first automobile, that started it all.

The Model A was the Ford Motor Company’s first product and its transition from Henry Ford’s concept to a finished product in the hands of customers was balanced on the thread of a cash flow. Thank goodness for car fanatics everywhere, on July 13, 1903, when three customers made the first payments to the company, it was able to avoid bankruptcy and make the car a ubiquitous part of everyday life. It is not known if the Ford Motor Company survived what would have happened to cars as we know them today.

We know what happened. There was an explosion of what we would now call classic car companies (since most are gone). Auto production has taken off and the number of auto manufacturers has skyrocketed, with everyone having their take on what makes a car amazing. From tailor-made bodybuilders to mass producers, including the first luxury brands and the first performance car manufacturers.

The logo of an automobile manufacturer is more than a simple symbol used to identify an automobile company. It reflects their brand, their history and their place in the automotive world. The Ford Motor Company logo is a symbol reminiscent of Henry Ford’s signature. BMW decided to symbolize the Bavarian national flag which has a white and blue pattern (despite the fact that many people think it is a rotating propeller). The prancing stallion of the Ferrari logo is universally known as the angry bull of the other Italian brand Lamborghini that we love. Every car logo has a story, it means something. That’s why when you see them all together on a car logo page like this, it brings it all together, it tells the story of the auto industry over time. Here you will find the largest collection of car brands, all sorted from A to Z to make your life easier.

These car logos are recognizable around the world. Enjoy.

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