Car parts catch fire in a transport truck trailer in Welland

A fire in a haul truck trailer carrying car parts sent thick black smoke over the Welland International Flatwater Center on Friday morning.

The smoke was visible from Highway 58 in Port Colborne just past Stonebridge Drive.

Welland Fire and Emergency Services Deputy Chief Burt Lamoureux said 911 received several calls for smoke in the area around 9 a.m.

Lamoureux said the car parts were for recycling and added that the driver was able to disconnect his truck from the trailer when the parts burned.

The trailer was in an upper parking lot at the Calm Water Center, and vehicles pulled out of Townline Tunnel Road to watch the fire and take video on cellphones.

No residents were exposed to materials from the fire as there are no occupied buildings in the immediate vicinity and no other vehicles were in the vicinity of the truck.

Firefighters used high volume hand lines and a main stream from an aerial truck to fight the blaze.

He said a grapple truck was on its way to remove the scorching contents from the trailer and place it out of the way to be hosed down.

“It will be a long process.”

The haul truck and grapple truck were from V&R Recycling, a family-owned metal recycling company based in West Lincoln, which also has a location in Pelham.

There were no injuries and Niagara Regional Police blocked the Townline Tunnel Road and Shaw Street entrances to the Calm Water Center during the fire.

Lamoureux said the fire department contacted the Ontario Ministry of the Environment to inform them of the incident.

“It’s up to them to answer or not.”

Water from firefighting efforts was draining to a ditch on the north side of Townline Tunnel Road.

Firefighters evacuated the scene around 10:30 a.m.

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