Car parts wrested from Wheeling


OHIO COUNTY, W.VA (WTRF) – A large and expensive auto part is being snatched from cars and sold all over town, and Wheeling Police want you to know what’s going on.

The average person may not know what a catalytic converter is or what it does for your car. But a quick Google search revealed WHY these thieves would steal this coin… the resale value is between $ 800 and $ 1,200 apiece.

Wheeling Police Public Information Officer Philip Stahl says they’re more often than not stolen from bigger cars – and you guessed it… The bigger the car, the higher the resale value.

Stahl says it’s happening all over town. Right now, the department is actively working to find and hold these thieves accountable, but in the meantime be aware that recently this is happening more frequently on Wheeling Island.

We believe they are happening early in the morning based on suspicious activity reports that are called, video surveillance that we can look at in some neighborhoods to help us figure out who is doing this and find those responsible, stop them, accuse them and hold them responsible for these thefts.


Stahl encourages residents of Wheeling who have a home surveillance system of any kind to register them online at This will help the police if a crime occurs in your area.

And if you’re worried about your car, park it in a well-lit area or inside the garage.

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