Child prodigy sets record in automotive logo recognition

JOHOR BARU: When he was three years old, he knew the different national flowers of many countries.

And now at six years old, L. Raguram can identify the logo of almost any car in the world.

The boy has just earned a place in the Malaysian Book of Records by identifying 190 car logos in five minutes.

His mother, dentist Dr P. Ranganayaki Devi, 34, said her son had loved cars since he was four years old.

“He can identify over 200 car logos, but in this competition he managed to do 190 over the period,” she said, adding that her son adores electric car maker Tesla and hopes one day meet its CEO, Elon Musk.

She said her son hopes to be an automotive scientist when he grows up and develops environmentally friendly cars, adding that Raguram’s interest in cars is partly due to his engineer father, L. Letchumanan, 37, who is also obsessed with cars.

She said that when they celebrated Raguram’s first birthday, a friend brought him a small car and he has kept it ever since.

“When he was four years old, we noticed he could recognize vehicle logos and describe their features,” she said, adding that they already knew he had a good memory because he could recognize many different national flowers when he was just three years old.

Her mother M. Pushpa, 57, a teacher, had taken the time to teach her flowers.

Raguram, who attends a private international school, can also converse in Mandarin and recognizes many insects and animals.

“We are very proud of our son’s achievement in earning a place in the Malaysian Book of Records,” said Dr Ranganayaki, who also has a one-year-old daughter.

“He likes watching robot videos and game review shows instead of just watching cartoons,” she said, adding that Raguram was a curious boy who liked to ask lots of questions.

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