Did this man really fly a helicopter made of scrap car parts?

From the beginning of history until the advent of technology, man has always been fascinated by the idea of ​​flying. So much so that flying machines, whether drones or helicopters, can be found everywhere, from toys to engineering school projects to auto mechanics. Now a video of a Brazilian piloting what looks like a makeshift helicopter is going viral on social media. Reddit user Gastonbeast24 posted the video on December 9 on the social media site and wrote in the caption, “A man in Brazil makes a helicopter out of trash and flies it.” The two-minute video shows a helicopter-like vehicle, more accurately known as a gyrocopter, moving down a road with two large blades on top and a fan on the back. The top blades start moving, the vehicle advances on the road and at some distance from its starting point, the gyroplane takes off in the air.

The footage was also shared by Brazilian news portal CRN Caicó na Rota da Notícia on their YouTube channel.

Another footage of the flight, shared by the news portal, shows the helicopter in the air as local residents gather to watch the plane fly by and cheer on the man.

“Bond, what are you doing in Brazil, with little Nellie,” one Reddit user wrote in response to the video. Another Redditor pointed out that the plane wasn’t actually a helicopter but a gyrocopter. The difference between the two planes is that in a helicopter, the rotor blades are powered by the engine and the body is pulled through the air. But in a gyrocopter, the rotor blades are not powered by the motor and the body is pushed through the air. The rotor blades of a gyrocopter move freely and aerodynamically.

The man in the video has been identified as Genesis Gomes from João Dias in Brazil. According to a report by Brazilian news portal G1, the theft took place during an aviation event in the city of Paraíba. Gomes, also known as Bigode, didn’t actually build the helicopter he was on. “There was the gyroscope of a friend of mine, from Catolé do Rocha, Paraíba,” he told G1.

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