eBay and insurers engage in recycling auto parts


eBay UK is teaming up with insurers Aviva & LV to encourage the use of recycled “green” auto parts in the automotive industry. The reader encourages motorists to use a more durable and faster way to get their cars back on the road.

Thanks to eBay UK, garages and car owners can get the exact part they need to get the job done, with delivery times as short as three days, allowing drivers to get their cars repaired much faster than if they used new parts.

eBay also works with green parts sellers to ensure that every product sold is certified, giving buyers complete confidence that their cars will be repaired with reliable components.

For some repairers – like James Dunn – at AW Repair, using green parts has reduced wait times for customers, with green parts available in just three days compared to longer lead times. Insurers, such as eBay partners, are now offering customers these recycled options, increasing the sustainability of the process.

eBay is also pushing for garages to be part of the green parts revolution, working with partners like whocanfixmycar to provide access to recycled auto parts to more than 8,000 garages.

The use of recycled auto parts is increasing within the industry as Britons increasingly realize the benefits of using sustainable options. Meanwhile, sales of recycled auto parts grew 24% year-over-year in the first seven months of 2021 on eBay, with 92 certified recyclers on the platform. This follows an 11% increase in sales of green parts between 2019 and 2020, as garages and consumers realize the time-saving and environmental benefits of choosing recycled parts.

But eBay would like that number to be even higher and the use of green coins to become even more common. This is why the online marketplace is working on a long-term program to help the UK automotive industry drastically reduce its carbon footprint and meet its overall recycling targets.

Additionally, recycled auto parts have a huge environmental benefit, research estimates that if all insurance demand had been met by parts recycling in 2019, nearly 47,000 tonnes of carbon emissions could have been met. be saved.

Laura Richards, Senior Automotive Business Manager at eBay UK, commented: “Many drivers are unaware of the huge benefits green parts can have when looking to get their cars repaired. The number one priority when your car breaks down is to get back on the road as quickly as possible and green parts can play a vital role in that regard, especially when Brexit slows down the import process. The environmental benefit of green coins is huge, and at eBay we do everything we can to provide these options to our customers and partners.

James Dunn, Group Operations Director at AW Repair Group, said: “Recycled green parts have been a great alternative solution for us, especially in today’s climate where the manufacturer and parts supply have been hampered. Green parts help complete repairs and get cars back on the road faster when a genuine part can be ordered out of stock or no longer available.

“What’s more, and more importantly, is the environmental benefit. Having recently achieved the PAS2060 standard for carbon neutrality, this program actively supports our commitments to sustainable development.

“Having a known name like eBay at the helm of the program reassures our customers when we explain recycled parts. Today, 70% of our customers allow us to source green parts. Everyone is more aware of the need to protect our planet and working with eBay provides us with a simple and straightforward platform for us to contribute to positive change.

A spokesperson for Aviva said: “Aviva has worked closely with eBay and VRAC to support the development of a high quality, secure, environmentally friendly and sustainable supply chain in order to help meet its commitment to its customers and the environment. We are working closely with all stakeholders and eBay to help co-create the future model that we hope will meet all of our goals and alleviate the pressures felt on post COVID and post Brexit supply chains that are causing delays in many cases. We are committed to repairing the vehicles of our insureds safely, of high quality, with the greatest respect for our environmental responsibilities and as quickly as possible so that the insureds have an excellent loss experience.

Chris Morgan, Principal at ASM Autos, said: “As one of the companies pioneering the use of green parts, we have witnessed an increase in demand for these products in recent years. years. We also saw a further increase in purchases when we left the EU, as manufacturers simply could not get the products to customers. Working with eBay has been a great process, and for us it’s absolutely crucial that our customers know that our parts are certified, so we’re excited to see that this is an area the platform is focused on as the reliability is essential in the automotive industry. industry.”

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