Edinburgh Airport Parking: Guide to Prices and Parking at Edinburgh Airport

Now that travel is finally a possibility again, more and more Scots are planning a trip abroad. Edinburgh Airport offers plenty of parking options for your next trip, so you can arrive at the airport with as little stress as possible.

Here’s everything you need to know about where to park and how much it will cost.

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Edinburgh Airport, photo by Lisa Ferguson.

Where to park at Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport’s long-term car park is a six to eight minute walk from the terminal and is one of the closest car parks you can find. There is no shuttle, but the way to the terminal is clearly marked.

The long stay is ideal for parking several days at a time. Blue badge slots are also available for badge holders, but no electric charging stations.

Mid-stay is fine if you’re away for a few days at a time. A five-minute walk from departures makes it easy and efficient to get to the airport before your flight.

Edinburgh Airport’s only valet service must be pre-booked and will be back from May 1. You can find it next to the airport terminal, less than a minute walk from check-in.

Terminal parking is the most convenient parking option, just a two-minute walk from the terminal. Paid parking options are also available here.

There are blue badge slots available for those who need them.

The multi-storey car park gives you direct access to the terminal via the FastTRACK bridge, which means you can access departures after just a one-minute walk. A la carte fares are available, as well as blue badge seating.

The newest parking addition at Edinburgh Airport offers a closer view of the runway as well as some of the best prices on offer. Cars, motorbikes and vans are all allowed to park here, but there are no blue badge slots.

How much is parking at Edinburgh airport?

As a rule of thumb, pre-booking your parking as early as possible can save you up to 60%. You can pre-book via the Edinburgh Airport website here. Here is how much parking will cost you for non-reserved visits:

– 30 mins – 1 hour: £7.00

– 9 days or more: £22.00

– 30 mins – 1 hour: £12.00

– 3 – 24 hours (or part thereof): £50.00

– 2 days (or part thereof): £90.00

– 3 days (or part thereof): £110.00

– 4 days (or part thereof): £130.00

– 5 days (or part thereof): £150.00

– 6 days (or part thereof): £180.00

– 7 days (or part thereof): £210.00

– 8 days (or part thereof): £240.00

– Thereafter (per day or part thereof): £30.00

– 10 – 15 mins: £5.00

– 15 – 30 mins: £9.00

– 30 mins – 1 hour: £12.00

– Thereafter (per day or part thereof): £35.00

– Minimum charge up to 3 hours: £20.00

– Thereafter (per day or part thereof): £45.00

– 9 days or more: £22.00 (per day or part thereof)

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