Electric car, parking and pediatrician

Hello Ohio. We end the day for you with the most important stories you need to know and your weather forecast.

Your weather planner

Clouds will rise tonight. Showers and thunderstorms will set in on Tuesday. Severe weather and heavy rain are possible, especially in the afternoon and evening.

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The big story: Russia and Ukraine

Live Updates: ‘More Than A Quarter’ Of Russian Forces Are ‘Combat Ineffective’, Says UK; Zelenskyy: ‘The war will end when we win’

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden will visit a Lockheed Martin manufacturing plant in Troy, Alabama, which manufactures Javelin anti-tank missiles, a crucial weapon Ukrainian forces used to repel the Russian invasion, the secretary said Monday. White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

today’s big stories

1. Biden administrator. will invest $3.1 billion in the manufacture of electric car batteries in the United States

The Biden administration on Monday announced a new $3.16 billion investment in U.S. production of electric car batteries, part of the president’s broader plan to expand electric vehicle manufacturing and charging and charging networks. reduce America’s dependence on oil.

2. Dayton adds Passport Parking app option to 1,300 parking meters

Users can download the Passport Parking app for free. App users will create an account connected to a credit or debit card. To pay for parking, they will enter the parking zone and space identifiers displayed on the parking site.

3. A group of American pediatricians decide to abandon race-based advice

In a new policy announced Monday, the American Academy of Pediatrics said it is putting all of its guidance under the microscope to eliminate “race-based” medicine and the resulting health disparities.

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4. Akron Parks Week: Vote on Elizabeth Park Food Forest tree types and design

Akron’s 4th Annual Parks Week will kick off, with the goal of energizing the community, encouraging residents to come together to use and improve the city’s parks.

5. The battle for Congress kicks off with the Ohio and Indiana primaries on Tuesday

The Republicans’ battle to regain control of Congress kicks into high gear on Tuesday, as Ohio and Indiana hold primaries.

Your notes for tomorrow

  • President Biden visits an Alabama factory that manufactures missiles sent to Ukraine
  • world press freedom day
  • Ohio-Indiana primary election
  • National Teachers Day

Outdoors and wildlife

Migratory birds that can be tracked in real time

Every night, millions of birds take flight on their migratory journeys, and people can track their path in real time on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Birdcast Migration Dashboard.

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