LKQ Euro Car Parts has launched an electric vehicle (EV) test on the Isle of Wight as part of its continued commitment to decarbonization.

The test will see an electric Vauxhall Vivaro and an electric Renault Kangoo join the island’s fleet for 6 months, with 2 charging points installed to power them.

The Isle of Wight was chosen for the test following a review of the national fleet of LKQ Euro Car Parts, taking into account the charging station infrastructure, to identify branches with vans whose typical mileage is suitable for the range and capabilities of an electric vehicle.

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Vehicles on the island typically travel around 70 miles per day, making it the perfect place to test and learn new technologies.

Vauxhall and Renault have sent digital training resources to the LKQ Euro Car Parts team on the Isle of Wight, which drivers must complete before starting the test. The team will then monitor the performance of the vehicles throughout the 6 months, with a view to eventually electrifying the rest of the island’s fleet and increasing the number of charging stations.

Tony Shearer, Director of Branch Operations Excellence at LKQ Euro Car Parts, said:

“The shift from our commercial fleet of approximately 2,800 vehicles to electric vehicles will not happen overnight, but battery technology and charging infrastructure are constantly improving.

“Our plan is to transition as electric vehicles can seamlessly evolve into positions that previously belonged to gasoline and diesel vehicles, so that our commitment to reducing emissions comes true without any impact. on the efficiency of our operation – and without changes to the levels of service our customers expect.

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“Our size, scale and commitment to logistics excellence means we can deliver parts to all parts of the UK on the same day, and in most cases, within the hour. We recognize that as a market leader we have an important role to play in adopting the latest vehicle technology on our fleet, which over time could make a great contribution to the country’s net zero ambitions. .

As battery-powered vehicles become more common on our roads – with hybrids already in the independent aftermarket and electric vehicles to follow – LKQ Euro Car Parts urges garages to invest in the skills and resources that they need to maintain and repair them.

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