Expensive car parts continue to be stolen from Nutley: police

NUTLEY, NJ — More catalytic converters were stolen from Nutley, police said Friday.

According to the Nutley Police Department:

“On August 22, police responded to Fernwood Terrace, High Street and Oakley Terrace for four thefts of catalytic converters. This flight has become popular throughout the state, due to its high scrap value. [Thieves] will usually lift the vehicle with a hydraulic jack cut the exhaust before and after the converter and then run away in a few minutes. If you see anything suspicious, please contact the police immediately. The police are looking for a gray BMW.

Nutley Police have released the following details of the August 22 robberies.

BMW SPOTTED – “Victims reported hearing a loud noise and observing a silver or gray BMW with California plates driving away from the area. Shortly after, the victim went to move his vehicle and found that the catalytic converter had been stolen The windows of the BMW were tinted, so no description of the occupants of the BMW could be given.

HONDA CRV TARGETED – “The victim reported to officers that when they started their Honda CRV this morning it sounded very loud, which was the result of the catalytic converter being stolen. A neighbor told police they saw two [people] standing next to the victim’s vehicle and that when they opened their window, the two [suspects] fled and in a white Audi station wagon. A die [suspects] was carrying something as they ran away. The description given was that both parties wore black masks, were thin, wore dark colored pants and shirts with black hoods.

THE CAR SOUNDS LIKE A MOTORBOAT – “Another Fernwood Terrace resident reported that when he started his car today it sounded like a motor boat. Their mechanic arrived on the scene and discovered that the catalytic converter had been stolen from the vehicle. The victim had not used the car until August 23. Due to a neighbor reporting the same type of incident the previous day, the theft is believed to have occurred on the same date and time as the neighbours.

HONDA ACCORD SOUNDS LOUD – “An Oakley Terrace resident started his Honda Accord and it sounded extremely loud, so they drove to their mechanic who confirmed their catalytic converter had cut out. The victim did not use his vehicle until August 23 , and it was concluded that the incident occurred on the morning of August 22 when three more catalytic converters were stolen from other vehicles.

Thanks to the rising prices of platinum, rhodium, palladium and other metals found in components, thefts of catalytic converters in the United States have increased from around 100 per month in 2018 to more than 1,200 per month in 2020, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

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