Ferryhill parking lot overrun with rats eating car parts

A motorist who bit the wires of his car by rats has denounced Durham County Council for allowing rodents to invade a Ferryhill parking lot.

For the past several years, Joanne Clark has chosen to park her car on Church Street – a short walk from her workplace at a local dentist – with no problem.

However, after working what she thought was a routine nine-hour shift on November 3, Joanne returned to her car at 5:30 p.m. to find a group of rats sitting in the parking lot.

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Over time, Joanne said the rat problem got worse, as she and her colleagues noticed an increase in the amount of “vermin” lying around in the parking lot.

Although Joanne made the unwanted discovery earlier this month, it’s not the only mystery the motorist had to solve.

After getting an engine warning light on her car later that day, Joanne was shocked to find that two wires had been completely eaten away and minor damage had been left under the hood.

The cables from Joanne’s car that were eaten away by rodents.

After further inspection by her mechanic, Joanne was without a car for at least a week, although engineers working on her car said she “could drive it safely if she wanted to.”

In the aftermath of the incident, Joanne has now called on Durham County Council for its “lack of action” in tackling the pest problem in Ferryhill and Church Street parking lots.

According to the County Durham motorist, the council “needs more complaints” before it can take action – a response that has not calmed the situation, with Joanne feeling it is a “environmental hazard” that requires immediate attention.

Echo of the North: In addition to destroying the cables of the car, the rats also caused minor damage to the car. In addition to destroying the cables of the car, the rats also caused minor damage to the car.

She told the Northern Echo: “Over the past year my coworkers and I have started noticing rats in the parking lot – it’s disgusting and no one should have to deal with it. However, a few weeks ago I was greeted by a check engine light.

“At first I thought it was just a coincidence, but after the mechanic confirmed that rodents had chewed on the wires, I knew what had happened.

“With Greggs and several food places out there, I’m sure the rats were just trying to find somewhere warm, but I just want to warn others and stop them from going through what I did.”

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Now that Joanne has ‘first-hand proof’ of the rats, she has rallied several of her colleagues and some patients in her dental office to petition Durham County Council, but has failed to have the impact that she initially hoped.

Joanne added, “Why doesn’t the County Council take action after just one complaint? They are vermin. We filed complaint after complaint and still no action!

In response to Joanne’s complaint, Durham County Council said it was actively investigating the case and confirmed advisers covering Ferryhill were working on the rat infestation.

Ian Hoult, Neighborhood Protection Officer for the council, said: “We are aware of the complaints in this case and have requested more details to help us understand the issue and focus our investigations. ”

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