From collapsing used car prices to Tesla video games, predictions and resolutions for 2022

Used cars are on display at A Class Auto Sales, a used car dealership in downtown Brooklyn, New York, on September 29, 2020.THOMAS URBAN / AFP / Getty Images

Getting out of the old, reluctant to the new. It’s the New Year’s Eve 2022 vibe. We’ve had enough of the predictable surprises and startling predictabilities. The automotive world is no exception to this cautious weariness. There have been promising developments such as electric vehicles and autonomous driving technologies, along with alarming statistics showing an increase in dangerous driving habits such as distracted driving.

Don’t worry, dear readers. Here are some predictions for the New Year, as well as some resolutions we would all be wise to keep.


Used car price crash (maybe)

We have heard a lot about the impending drop in used car prices. July was the worst time in history to buy a used vehicle. In the United States, the average price for a used car with just under 110,000 kilometers was $ 31,426. Used cars were selling for the same price as new ones. The pandemic meant that fewer new stocks were available. Canadian rental companies have unloaded 30-40% of their vehicles and flooded the market. Then, they kept their fleets anticipating an increase in the number of automobiles during the summer. The main driver of price increases is the continuing shortage of microchips.

It was all supposed to correct itself, and there was a leveling out. A recent report from KPMG predicts that “a 20-30% drop in used vehicle prices is in the cards.”

Expect used car prices to drop, but don’t bet on a dramatic crash anytime soon.

Yellow taxi, meet Uber

If carpooling companies are goiTo prosper, they must reduce their contribution to pollution. It means getting rid of the mishmash of everyday vehicles and moving to automobiles designed specifically for carpooling.

Consider the recently unveiled ‘Arrival Car’ prototype by British company Arrival, which in May 2021 partnered with Uber to develop an electric vehicle designed for carpooling.

Arrival maintains that its prototype is designed to “bring clean air to the urban environments where the most kilometers traveled occur.” The arrival car has twice as much legroom as an average car of the same length and “prioritizes cost, availability, driver comfort, safety and convenience, being Given that the average carpooling vehicle will travel an average of 45 to 50,000 km per year, compared to 12,000 km for a typical vehicle.

No automaker will release a 2022 or 2023 vehicle called an “Omicron”.

Full refunds

Suzuki is the only manufacturer that offers its customers the option of returning their new purchases. If you live in the UK you have 14 days to change your mind and return your new Suzuki no questions asked as long as the car is returned ‘to the original dealer no later than 14 days from the day of first registration. . The 14-day period begins the day after the day of the first registration. Since the company introduced this option last year, only 30 of the 15,337 possible customers have returned their vehicles. Look for other companies to take note.


Drive the new Porsche 911 Sport Classic at least once

The old is new again and I want to be a part of it. Carscoops recently saw The 911 Sport Classic from Porsche. This is Porsche perfection – a new ride with all the style and class of the vintage version. It could debut in February 2022. According to Carscoops, Porsche only manufactured 250 units of the ‘previous iteration (Porsche 911 Sports Classic 2010). The company sold out before the model even debuted.

Solve the mystery of the passenger game

Shortly before the holidays, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launched an official investigation into Tesla after allegations that its vehicles allow motorists to play video games while conduct. NHSTA planned to evaluate Models 3, S, X and Y produced between 2017 and 2022. the New York Times reported that an update to Tesla’s passenger play option added at least three games that drivers could access while the car was in motion. The car warns drivers “that playing while the car is in motion is for passengers”.

The day after the probe was announced, Tesla announced a software update that would disable the feature while driving. NHTSA said the New York Times that, “Passenger Play will now be locked and unusable when the vehicle is in motion.”

How in this world, or in this unfamiliar world, could anyone think that it is okay to play a video game while driving?

Guess we’ll have to ask the folks at Tesla.

Divine How to get rid of the parking lot will speed up journeys

Municipal governments want to decrease automobile use and have decided to get rid of parking spaces by allowing condo developers (read: our overlords) to build their monstrosities without them. On December 15, Toronto City Council passed zoning by-law changes that “will remove most of the requirements for new developments to provide a minimum number of parking spaces.” At the same time, limits to the number of parking spaces that can be built will be added. In an effort to build healthy and sustainable communities, this change helps to better manage car addiction and strike a balance between too much and too little parking. “

“These updates to the zoning by-law encourage residents to use alternatives to the car such as walking, cycling and public transportation, which reduce congestion and create space to improve conditions for pedestrians, cyclists. and public transport. ”

It’s awesome.

Unfortunately, Toronto City Council does not offer its citizens attractive alternatives. The TTC is irregular, dirty, slow, crowded, opening windows in winter for ventilation, and cutting roads; oh, and by the way, we’re in the middle of another “wave”. Nothing says “all aboard” like a virus spreading at the speed of light. Meanwhile, the city council has gone to war with Uber.

Toronto is addicted to cars. It is a fact.

Do you want to cure this? Simple – reduce the cost of public transportation. Stop sticking runners with costs. The TTC has promised to freeze tariffs. So what? An adult pays $ 3.25 for four subway lines (the TTC considers the “Scarborough” lines at six stops and the “Sheppard” lines at five stops). The New York subway costs $ 2.75 for 26 lines. Rome has three lines and the fare is 1.50 euros (CA $ 2.18).

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