How long do you wait for the car parts?

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – What was overnight can now take two or more days.

“If we can find a part in New York, I’ll buy it and get it, ah, if it’s available,” said Steve Fenske.

Fenske is the Managing Director of West Wichita Crash Champions, a body shop that repairs vehicles.

“Of course we can get parts,” Fenske said. “But there are times now when there are delays. In the past six months, it’s gotten a lot worse than before. Parts that were overnight now become a challenge to obtain.

Some who drive for a living have found delays to be a challenge.

Sarah Bernsten says time is money. Its priority tow truck recently had a front axle bearing.

“A little frustrating only because I missed my truck so I had to be in the rescue truck,” Bernsten said with Sunflower towing service.

“I know there are challenges with the supply chain. It’s just everywhere you look, it seems.

Fenske says one of the perks of being with a national automotive group is having the ability to send a corporate email.

“We’re going to send the email to everyone, and it helps us find a lot of parts,” Fenske said. “But if we know there will be delays in getting a part, we’ll let the customer know. And we are not alone. “

“The pieces can be a challenge, but we bring them in,” Fenske said.

Fenske also says specialty parts can be a challenge as well.

“But we get some parts right away. There are still times when we find what we need overnight, ”said Fenske. “We are turning the wheels. And we always talk to the customer to keep them up to date.

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