How much Nuneaton and Bedworth parking fees could soon cost

New parking charges could be introduced at municipal car parks in Nuneaton and Bedworth if budget proposals are given the green light.

Under the Tories’ proposed budget for next financial year, the new charge of up to three hours would cost motorists £1.50.

The Tories had promised to make changes to what have long been controversial costs for parking in council-owned car parks.

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Before the pandemic, there were different charges per hour – with one hour £1, £1.80 for two hours and £2.80 for three hours.

To help town centers recover from the impact of the closures, parking fees were reduced last summer with government recovery money.

At the time it cost drivers £1 for three hours, then in December and January all charges were dropped.

However, that changed at the start of this month and it cost motorists £1 for three hours.

Parking fees change in Nuneaton and Bedworth

But, if the Tory budget is given the green light, it would rise to £1.50 for three hours.

The proposed charge is in the budget, which was first presented at a cabinet meeting last night (February 9).

“We need to be smarter”

Councilor Keith Kondakor criticized the ‘one size fits all’ approach to parking – saying less used car parks, such as Harefield Road, should be priced differently.

“We are increasing the parking rate from one to three hours to £1.50. I’m not a big fan of driving lots of people into town, but I want to keep the economy alive in the town and having one size fits all for all £1.50 doesn’t give that flexibility to people coming in for a short stop.

“I understand we only have a limited amount of car parking so a different pricing scheme, perhaps in Harefield Road which is underused, for 50p for one hour, £1 for two hours, this short stop at Harefield Road would actually give people an alternative because I think £1 for two hours is a good compromise.

“For people to pay £1.50 to try and stay in town for three hours is fine on a nice day, but I think we should be a bit smarter and at least get parking at a lower rate .”

Cllr Kris Wilson, leader of the council, replied: “We have done a number of things over the past nine months that are making a difference for residents.

“I make no apologies for trying to keep residents longer in the city center because if they spend more time in the city center they spend more money with our local businesses and markets, maybe they’re going for coffee or lunch, and I think not having to look at the clock and rush to the car is a plus.”

The final decision on parking fees, along with other budget recommendations, is expected to be made at the annual council tax setting meeting on Monday, February 14.

The Conservatives will present their draft budget and the opposing Labor group will likely offer an alternative.

In the past, amendments have been proposed by Independent Party and Green Party councillors.

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