Iconic car logos reimagined as baby animals are the cutest thing you’ll see all day

If there’s one look that most car makers definitely don’t go for, that’s fine. To represent a feeling of power and speed, countless brands have turned to the animal kingdom for inspiration, opting for the fastest and fiercest creatures (like, you know, the jaguar). But what if it doesn’t?

A delightful new design project has reinvented several famous car logos in their baby animal form, and the results are adorable. From Ferrari to Lamborghini, these once fierce designs are suddenly a lot more fun. (If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out our logo design guide.)

Baby animal car logos

Lamborghini’s horned bull is now a harmless calf (Image credit: LeaseFetcher)

Car rental comparison site LeaseFetcher has decided to ‘look back at some of the most recognized car logos in the world’ and suggest that the designs would look great on kids’ cars (great idea, we have to admit. ). Lamborghini’s Golden Bull logo, for example, is now a shy-looking calf (above), with no killer horn in sight.

Meanwhile, Ferrari’s prancing horse has been transformed into a tiny colt (below), with an adorably oversized head. According to LeaseFetcher, the original logo was designed to pay homage to the Italian hero of World War I Francesco Baracca, a fighter pilot who painted the prancing horse on the fuselage of his fighter plane (for unknown reasons, unfortunately).

ferrari logo

Ferrari’s “baby” logo is much less fierce (Image credit: LeaseFetcher)

But maybe our favorite of the group is the new Peugeot logo (below), which sees the clawing lion transform into a rather irritable looking little one. The oldest car emblem in the world (it first appeared in 1847), Peugeot’s design is instantly recognizable, even in its baby form.

Peugeot logo

Oldest car logo ever – now in the shape of a baby (Image credit: LeaseFetcher)

Perhaps the most impressive thing about LeaseFetcher’s 3D concepts is how faithfully they maintain the essence of the original designs. Of course, it’s understandable that auto brands want to appear as fierce as possible – but seeing as these designs all manage to maintain their familiarity, perhaps future car makers could license it to enhance the cute a bit. ? That said, we won’t be holding our breath for a kitten-based car brand to launch anytime soon.

Lamborghini, Ferrari, Peugeot logo

The real Lamborghini, Ferrari and Peugeot logos (from left to right) (Image credit: Lamborghini / Ferrari / Peugeot / Future owns)

With everyone from BMW to KIA to Rolls-Royce to Nissan and dozens of others revealing new logos over the past twelve months, the industry is clearly experiencing some kind of design renaissance. But it’s no wonder car brands are keen to stay ahead – some car logos are some of the most memorable in the world. Others, meanwhile, are not – as these hilariously pulled memory car logos prove.

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