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DOYLESTOWN, Pa., April 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Each component has its own role in overall automotive performance and ride comfort. For example, the battery keeps the car running. If you count each component down to the smallest screws, there are about 30,000 parts. Neither is more important than the other. To ensure reliable performance, it is necessary to take care of each part. Ultimately, many auto parts, no matter how well they are maintained, deteriorate and break down. Some of the most commonly replaced auto parts include brake discs, headlight components, spark plugs, and fuses.

If you want your vehicle to be properly repaired and back on the road as soon as possible, don’t leave the parts purchasing entirely to the mechanic. Understand what is put in your car and consider purchasing it yourself. If you buy auto parts online, you can avoid pushy dealers who are just trying to sell what they want. Plus, you can cut down on middlemen, which translates to lower costs. With an ever increasing number of auto parts stores, there is a wide range of OEM and aftermarket parts.

If you don’t understand the difference between OEM and aftermarket auto parts, it’s hard to decide what to buy. Maybe we can reassure you. In what follows, we will try to explain the differences.

original car parts

OEM is an acronym that stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Put simply, it is a company that supplies systems and components that are used in the end product of another company. An example could be the Bosch fuel injectors which are used in Ford cars. What happens is that the original equipment manufacturer parts are sold to the automaker, who assembles them in the car. In the past, you could only get these auto parts from authorized dealers. Now, they are available in retail stores and, of course, third-party sellers online.

OEM parts match those supplied with your vehicle, which translates into being of equal quality. They tend to be more expensive than other automotive components because they carry the company logo. But at least you don’t have to assess the quality of different brands and prices. Another advantage is that the OEM parts work exactly like the replaced ones. Because they are reliable, auto parts provide better value to customers. Most importantly, original equipment manufacturer parts come with a one-year warranty. If something is wrong, a replacement is immediately dispatched.

Automotive spare parts

Auto parts, commonly known as generic auto parts, are components that are not sourced from the automaker. They are commonly used to replace damaged parts in vehicles, but their use can affect insurance. Examples include bumpers, fenders, hoods, etc. Auto parts are new, so they should not be confused with used parts. Since they are manufactured by a third party, they might not be a perfect fit. However, you can count on spare parts to keep it running smoothly. According to experts from Coins geek , they work the same and sometimes even better than the original.

With auto parts, there are countless options to choose from. The large choice means that the competition is tougher and the prices are lower. You will be able to secure the OEM version of what you need and avoid delaying the repair. It is recommended that you shop around for the best price. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it sure is. Much of the auto parts market now understands the importance of quality, so you can find some good options. Some parts are redesigned, eliminating weaknesses.

So what’s the best way to go?

Well, the answer depends a lot on your situation and the model of your car. If you have a new vehicle with warranty coverage or a leased car, you should choose OEM parts. It certainly matters. It’s a good idea to check with your insurance company and see if it’s important to deploy OEM parts in repairs. Likewise, you can choose to pay the difference between cost and aftermarket and OEM components. You can buy aftermarket parts as an alternative to dealer service and more expensive factory parts, but there are some drawbacks. Specifically, there are many options to choose from, so it can be intimidating to select the right component for your car.

In case you didn’t already know, you can acquire auto parts made from recycled materials. Ford, for example, started making auto parts from McDonald’s coffee beans. The automaker is looking for new ways to make the planet greener. Ford’s research team already uses byproducts of agave, wheat and denim to make auto parts. By purchasing products made with recycled materials, you avoid the waste and pollution associated with making auto parts from virgin materials.

When shopping for auto parts online, whether OEM or aftermarket, knowing your vehicle is essential. Know its make, model, year and series so you can find the right components. This information is contained in the owner’s manual. In addition, some online search tools allow you to obtain the necessary details from a license plate search. If you buy auto parts that need to be replaced quite often, it is recommended that you record the part number. That way, if you need to rearrange it in the future, you won’t have to search up and down to find it.

Last but not least, you should only buy from a secure market. As mentioned earlier, there are many online stores selling OEM and aftermarket auto parts. The trick is to know who you can trust. Read the return policy in advance and make sure the payment is safe and prompt. Buy from suppliers who are quick to display their contact details and a symbol of trust on their websites. Generally speaking, the best auto parts stores are ranked by experts and user reviews. When shopping online, choose a website that has a good reputation. Invest in quality if you want your car to run smoothly.

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