Kia EV6 Used Car Prices Rise After Latest New Car Price Hike

A little over a month ago, I wrote about the price increase of used Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6. When analyzing used EV6 sales at the time, no EV6s were available on the used car market.

That has now changed and new data shows that prices for the used Kia EV6 are heading in the same direction as the Hyundai Ioniq 5.

There is some hope that Kia can bring more affordable EVs to our market to put downward pressure on these rising used prices. This is what we are going to explore today.

Dealers are asking nearly $110,000 for a used EV6

Prices for the new Kia EV6 rose across the board earlier this week, with all models seeing an increase of $4,600. That brings the EV6 GT-line AWD model to $95,460 drive-up.

Used EV6s cost up to nearly $110,000, as an example in Victoria shows.

Source: carsalesfurther

This list price for the GT-Line Auto was less than $90,000 drive under the old price. Even with the matte option that costs $3,295, the markup on this car is over $15,000 before road charges. Given the limited supply, used EV6 prices are less likely to drop in the coming months.

Over 50% of local EV6 deliveries are the AWD model

New data from carloop on more than 320 Kia EV6 local deliveries shows that the most expensive GT-line AWD model still dominates the market. This model really showcases all that this electric vehicle has to offer and offers a range of 484 km thanks to its 77 kW battery.

Breakdown of the ev6 variant
Source: carloop

Other models that come in the RWD configuration are less popular, but that might be what Kia Australia wants to offer our market until more supply becomes available. With used prices for electric vehicles at an all-time high, we need more affordable electric vehicles from Kia.

Hopefully that will change with the recently launched and revised Kia Niro EV, as long as Kia Australia can provide us with the supply our local market deserves (Editor’s note: Kia says there are currently only 75 per month reserved for Australia, including hybrids.)

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