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Call it luck or bad luck, but it rained rarely in Delhi the day we tested the Defender 90. Luckily because it gives a chance to verify the Defender’s lofty claims to be more than an SUV from luxury and unlucky. because a drop of rain suffocates our traffic routes. That said, we were determined to have fun with this Land Rover no matter the weather, and on top of that, it’s built for it, right?

The Defender, as we said in our previous 110 5-Door review, is a go-anywhere luxury SUV that’s a modern take on an icon that was the Defender. The name Defender belongs to an old off-roader that Land Rover literally became famous on with the great Range Rover. While the previous Defender was essentially an off-roader, the new one is much more modern and still tries to keep the essence of its predecessor.

Land Rover Defender 90 India review: first drive on a rainy day revealed its capabilities

Brutally the Rs 77 lakh from the Defender 90 is just too fancy and nice to scramble but on a rainy day it got us back safely. First off, a bit more on the 90. The 90 is the shorter 3-door version of the new Defender and it loses the massive length of the 110 and that’s a plus. At 4,583mm, it’s short enough to squeeze through narrow roads and parking spaces. In city car or even on a road trip where the road narrows suddenly, the 90 is an asset. I think it also looks cooler and more of a die-hard off-roader than its 110 sibling which, due to its length, is more of a luxury SUV. You can’t confuse the massive wheels, square styling, and rear spare tire with anything else. Be prepared for lots of looks!

Land Rover Defender 90 India review: first drive on a rainy day revealed its capabilities

Of course, inside the 90 is much shorter than the 110 in terms of luggage space or rear legroom. However, the actual rear-seat space isn’t bad once you get in through the front doors, which isn’t the easiest. However, it can easily accommodate four / five passengers while the luggage capacity, which, again, is much smaller than that of the 110, is also quite decent. The interior design is the same as the big brother 110 and comes with all the tech / luxury but with a proper off-road vibe. In other words, the interior is not elevated in a luxury sedan. The switches are big (easy to access off-road) and not everything is controllable via a touch screen. There are large grab handles while the interior has a rubberized floor that can be brushed off. Yes, Land Rover says this is for good off-road driving.

Land Rover Defender 90 India review: first drive on a rainy day revealed its capabilities

We didn’t indulge in good off-road riding due to the rains which made it difficult, but the 90 has a better approach and better tee angles than the 110 and it’s also more agile. What we have tried and used all the time is the massive ground clearance which is extendable and the specially developed “wade” program which allows wading in water up to 900mm deep. With the rains, some roads were flooded and its ground clearance of 291 mm came in handy. While all the cars were stuck trying to find the side of the road that was less flooded, the 90 easily took heavily flooded roads. Not something I would do with any other luxury SUV.

Land Rover Defender 90 India review: first drive on a rainy day revealed its capabilities

Still, when the road dries up, the Defender 90 plays the role of a luxury SUV pretty well with light steering, decent ride quality, and the 300bhp 2.0-liter gasoline powerful enough to handle the weight. In fact, due to its smaller size, the 90 is more fun to drive than the 110 and is quite fast, probably as fast as you need a big SUV. So the 90 is something I would choose over the 110 for its compactness, performance and looks, but the 110 remains the more practical choice however. However, we can see off-road enthusiasts with deep pockets like the Defender 90 due to its heightened aggressive personality and the cool three-door factor. Either way, the Defender is ahead of other SUVs with its combination of luxury and off-road capability.

What we like– look, on-road and off-road capabilities, performance, quality

What we don’t do– The 90 lacks room for luggage and is not as practical as the 110

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