Musk slashes the price of the Tesla car twice in a week, served with a side of his wacky humor


Time witnesses that Elon Musk and eccentricities come together as a combined whole.

Wednesday’s announcement was no different. In what is truly a blow to Lucid Motors mixed with his singularly childish humor, Tesla CEO Elon Musk reduce the price of the company’s flagship sedan, the Model S, for the second time in a week.

The news comes just a day after quietly updating the price of the Model S Long Range Plus and Performance variants, slashing it by $ 3,000 each. Musk took to Twitter to announce the latest cut to his signature style –

The tweet was published just hours after Lucid Motors announces its next luxury electric sedan, the Lucid Air, which starts at $ 77,400.

The decision is undoubtedly directly aimed at Lucid, Tesla’s competitor, whose offering performance is in the same vein while boasting a 9.9 second superior quarter-mile time. Promising 406 miles of all-electric range, which barely exceeds the Model S’s 402 miles, the base Air model has a 480 horsepower powertrain, while the Model S Long Range Plus variant has a combined powertrain. of 534 horses. According to the company’s claims, a longer-range variant of the Air could also have a range of a huge 517 miles!

The subplot in the ad pot-shot is also one with Peter Rawlinson, today CEO of the start-up EV Lucid Motors. The Briton, who was previously chief engineer at Tesla before going his own way, certainly seems to have upset Musk. Both have verbal spades exchanged ever since Rawlinson left Tesla and Musk seems to be keeping the score. Musk’s level of attention to his former employee is also an indicator that the competition in the industry is really heating up.

There is also the fact that the Model S is in a kind of moulder at Tesla. With the automaker looking to focus more on the booming mainstream 3 and Y models, deliveries of Model S sedans have been less and less. Tesla delivered 15,200 Model S and Model X units in the last quarter, up from 17,400 in the same period last year and up from 27,660 vehicles (14,470 Model S and 13,190 Model X) in the third quarter of 2018 .

With numbers that indicate stagnation, the drop in prices that occurred earlier this week may indicate an underlying problem with the sales volume of the Model S in particular. Perhaps those at Tesla, Inc. realized the difficulty of continuing an uptrend with the Model S / Designated Model.

For now, Tesla shareholders have issued their approval, with the company’s shares rising 3.6% on Wednesday afternoon, as reported by Reuters.

Between more companies are looking for Model S market share and Tesla cannibalizing its own sales with lower-cost vehicles, it will be interesting to see what future strategy the company proposes to take. With Elon Musk on the prowl, you can be sure to expect more duels in the burgeoning EV business.

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