Neighbors welcome more parking in part of Bestwood used by hospital staff



Residents of Bestwood have spoken about the benefits of having more parking in an area where staff park to get to Nottingham City Hospital.

No less than 10 garages were demolished in Wyton Close, creating more parking spaces for residents.

Neighbors said the area is now much nicer and easier to park.

Carl Thomson, 50, of Wyton Close, said hospital staff tended to park in the area to use a cut through Nottingham City Hospital.

“We find that a lot of employees park here to park for free instead of parking at the hospital,” he said.

“It created a lot of parking, it makes it look a lot nicer than it was when the garages were up there.”

He added: “We were thinking ‘where do you want to park.’ You don’t want to park in front because you might have an accident with a passing car.

Wyton Close, Bestwood.

“I saw it coming, cars are turning too fast around the corner and it caught up with one of the cars which is parked.”

Mr Thomson said there was now always a place to park, saying the program had “taken a week or two before people started using” the new parking lot.

He added: “There were 10 garages up there, half of them had nothing in there anyway when they emptied them.”

Local neighborhood councilors worked with Nottingham City Homes to demolish the disused garage and create additional parking.

Mercy Kamau, 35, who works part-time and lives in Wyton Close, said: “It’s good to have more parking lots – and that’s for sure.

“Sometimes you find it is [existing parking facilities] full.

“Sometimes there are two of you and maybe two of us have cars, there is not enough parking space.”

A 50-year-old woman, who lives nearby and asked not to be named, said the double yellow lines could be of benefit in the larger area, saying: “Some people don’t know the rules of the road.”

She said residents tend to park on sidewalks.

“You see people walking in the middle of the road with strollers and mobility scooters because they can’t get on the sidewalks because the cars are parked there.

“Even though it’s 20 miles an hour here, they [drivers] going at 30/40 miles an hour. They have no regard for anyone. “

She added, “You have people parking here for the hospital and the hospital staff as well.”

New parking spaces have also been created at Winterton Rise, Bestwood Park.

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