New £ 65,000 Jaguar crashes into nearby cars in large parking lot


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It’s the embarrassing moment a driver is filmed repeatedly hitting a car as he tries to park his £ 65,000 Jaguar.

The parking failure was filmed by another motorist in the Lewisham Hospital parking lot on the morning of Thursday, May 20 at around 10 a.m.

Darren Pittman was looking for a spot himself when he noticed the driver miserably failing to park his blue I-Pace electric vehicle.

At the start of the streak, the Jaguar is a few inches from a Toyota Aygo on its left and its front wheels roll up the curb onto the gravel area separating the rows of parking spaces.

The driver begins to back up and a loud scratching sound is heard when he makes contact with the small Japanese car.

The driver then pushes forward with his wheels slightly to the right, hitting the curb a second time, before reversing again and into the Toyota.

In the one-minute video clip, the dear Jaguar moves forward and backward four times, hitting the Toyota with loud noises at every opportunity.

Mr Pittman claims the Jaguar had previously collided with a black Ford Focus parked to its right.

a police car parked on the side of a building: Failed to park: This £ 65,000 blue Jaguar I-Pace was caught crashing into parked cars by a shocked spectator at Lewisham Hospital Thursday, May 20

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Parking failure: This £ 65,000 blue Jaguar I-Pace was caught crashing into parked cars by a shocked bystander at Lewisham Hospital on Thursday 20 May

At the start of the clip, the car is close to an inverted Toyota Aygo parked on the left.

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A sliding car crashes through the window

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The driver backs up straight first, but his wheels are already above the line in the Aygo’s space.

Driving forward with the wheel turned slightly to the right, the driver hits the curb again, but instead of straightening his wheels, he turns them further to the right.

With a crash sound, the eight-month-old car then heads for the Toyota.

The clip ends with the Jaguar failing the maneuver four times and slowly approaching Mr. Pittman’s car.

Sharing the clip online, Mr Pittman advised, “Never drive a car that’s too big to park.”

Darren said the driver was a man in his forties who appeared sober and in good health.

The video has been viewed 220,000 times, attracted 500 comments and has been shared over 1,000 times.

One user wrote: “Spends £ 60,000 on a new Jaguar, but gets its license from Kelloggs.”

A third commentator said: “Can they afford the car, but no driving lessons?”

Another added: “Even with gadgets, gadgets, sensors and cameras on board, look at that lemon!”

The extent of damage to the Jaguar or other vehicles is not known.

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