New parking fees in Wiltshire

New parking charges will come into effect this week which will add an additional 10p per hour to some of the charges in the area but not everyone is happy with that.

The changes will be made on September 2, meaning an additional 10p per hour per fare will be added to all car charges in Wiltshire Council car parks, but many believe the changes will just make life worse more difficult for people.

Pricing for blue badge holders in all municipal car parks will also be put in place, along with the introduction of charging at Castle Combe car park.

The changes were agreed in February, as part of the budget process for the 2022 to 2023 fiscal year.

Fees have been changed to better reflect current inflation levels as operational costs have recently increased.

As part of the consultation process for these changes, the council received 389 responses from members of the public, and after considering these responses, the final decision was then made by Councilor Dr Mark McClelland, Cabinet Member for Transport.

Cllr McClelland said: “These changes were agreed in February as part of our budgeting process to help us better reflect current levels of inflation.

“It was a tough decision, but we haven’t raised parking fees in four years, and we don’t plan to do so again in the next four years.

“We have listened to residents’ feedback on these changes and have decided now to make these adjustments to the parking fees and follow the strategy set out in our local transportation plan.”

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