New parking fees take effect in Nuneaton and Bedworth in days



New parking changes will take effect in Nuneaton and Bedworth in a few days.

From Sunday August 1, new charges will be implemented in the car parks of the two cities.

It will cost £ 1 for three hours of parking, replacing the previous one free after 3pm on weekdays and free all day on weekends.

The council’s chief adviser, Kris Wilson, explained that this is part of the plan to help increase traffic to downtown areas to help businesses recover from the impact of the pandemic.

“Parking fees are reduced to just £ 1 for three hours from this Sunday 1 August, as part of a wider program of measures to help our city centers,” he said.

“We are determined to do all we can to help give back to the residents and businesses of Nuneaton and Bedworth following the impact of this pandemic.”

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He continued, “Our buyers, traders and businesses have supported our city centers through thick and thin, and I think it is fair that during this difficult time the council repays the aid we have received so many times at over the years. “

What will be the costs in each parking lot

Short-term car parks

  • Rue de l’Abbaye, Nuneaton
  • Church Street, Nuneaton
  • Justice March, Nuneaton
  • Victoria Street, Nuneaton (No. 1)
  • Town Hall, Nuneaton
  • Multi-story Rope Walk, Nuneaton

£ 1 for three hours.

£ 4 for up to four hours

£ 6.50 for more than four hours

Short Stay Parking (Maximum Stay 2 Hours; No Return Within 4 Hours) Parking

£ 1 for up to two hours

Long-term parking

  • Orchard Street, Nuneaton
  • Pool, Bank Street, Nuneaton
  • Regent Street, Nuneaton (No. 1)
  • Regent Street, Nuneaton (# 2)
  • Riversley Park, Nuneaton
  • Spitalfields, Bedworth (No. 1
  • Spitalfields, Bedworth (No. 2)
  • Upper Abbey Street, Nuneaton
  • Victoria Street, Nuneaton (No. 2)
  • Multi-story Harefield Road, Nuneaton
  • Chemin du Parc, Bedworth

£ 1 for up to three hours

£ 3.40 for up to four hours

£ 4 for more than four hours

Long Stay (Maximum stay 10 hours; No return within 2 hours) Car parks

  • Station, Bedworth
  • Meadow Street, Nuneaton

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Later in the year, free parking will be offered in all parking lots, as fees will be completely reduced in December and January as part of a holiday and New Year’s boost.

In addition to discounted and free parking for the holidays and the New Years, a new emergency budget will bring two deep cleanings of Nuneaton and Bedworth town centers and Bulkington village center, as well as rent reductions. for market traders, new fly dumps and video surveillance. cameras and chop the mayor’s car.

But, as we reported in our newsletter, paying for discounted parking comes at a cost.

Some works, such as replacing the obsolete air conditioning in the Civic Hall, will be suspended as well as the reduction of its opening hours and that of the museum and art gallery.

The replacement of the porter of the town hall will also be postponed as well as the decarbonisation system of the public sector.

Opposing Labor advisers questioned the Tories’ cost-cutting measures, but Tories claimed “tough decisions” had to be made due to an alleged “black hole” left by Labor over changes in the economy. how the council could spend the government’s additional restriction grant fund.

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