Oh ! Discover today’s most recognizable car logos reimagined as baby animals


Automakers spend millions and countless hours developing and protecting their logos. They are symbols of global recognition, technological prowess and brand identity. In 2006, Ford Motor Company even pledged its blue oval logo as collateral for a $ 23.5 billion loan that saved the company from bankruptcy. These corporate logos – and the logos of individual models such as the Mustang Shelby and the Dodge Viper – have immense value.

Leasefetcher.co.uk employees noted that 56 automakers used an animal in their logos and suggested an interesting rebranding opportunity: to create baby versions of these iconic logos for use on ride-on vehicles for children. The absurd idea is both smiling and intriguing. Let’s explore some examples of these ridiculous logos.

The Lamborghini bull

Logo of major car brands represented as baby animals


Lamborghini’s logo features a golden bull on a solid black background edged with gold. A strong bull projects an image of power, performance, speed and toughness. You can easily equate a sniffing bull with the full-throated exhaust sound of an accelerating Lambo. The baby bull logo causes a smirk and piccata calf thoughts (the calf comes from a bull calf, not a baby cow).

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Ferrari prancing stallion

Logo of major car brands represented as baby animals


The Museum of Italian Brands reports that Ferrari’s prancing horse logo dates back to the 17th century, when the Duke of Savoy used a stallion as a symbol for his troops. The organization adds that the inspiration for the Ferrari logo may come from two competing stories of WWI origin.

The first involves Enzo Ferrari adopting the horse symbol used by Italian combat ace Francesco Baracca on his biplane to bring good luck. A second theory suggests that Baracca’s horse icon was painted on the fuselage of his plane after it defeated an enemy pilot from Stuttgart, a city whose heraldic symbol is a black stallion. While a whimsical colt logo would be hard to imagine on an SF90 Stradale, it might look at home on a hot pink Ferrari pedal car.

The galloping Mustang

Logo of major car brands represented as baby animals


No discussion of the horse logo would be complete without including the Ford Mustang. Despite initial ideas that Ford’s new sports car would be called Cougar when it was launched in the 1960s, the company chose the name Mustang instead. Interestingly, designer Phillip Thomas Clark, 27, had just joined Ford from GM when he was commissioned to create the Mustang logo, a mission that took 100 days. It’s hard to imagine a Ford sports car without the Mustang name or its iconic logo. The baby horse icon in the photo may be a better fit on My Little Pony toys than on the original pony car.

The leaping Jaguar

Logo of major car brands represented as baby animals


Fortunately, Jaguar’s original name, Swallow Sidecar Company, didn’t hold up. A sleek and stylish car with a bird icon just wouldn’t be the same. Following a merger in 1931 with Standard Motor Company, the company began to use the SS brand, a bad connotation during World War II. The Jaguar name and ‘Leaper’ symbol were launched following the company’s rebranding in 1945. There’s no doubt that the rendered baby jaguar logo is cute, but this little one might be better suited for a business called Happy Cat Motors or something similar.

Last but not least, while we’re going to skip a discussion of Dodge’s Ram emblem, it would be fun to wonder what a baby Hellcat logo might look like.

Sources: leasefetcher.co.uk, carlogos.org, Museum of Italian Brands

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