palayam: Building standards relaxed for car parking in Palayam | Thiruvananthapuram News

Thiruvananthapuram: The local government department has sanctioned relaxations in the building regulations and town plan provisions regarding the coverage and parking of the car park being developed under the market development project from Palayam. The chief town planner had previously filed an application with the state government to allow the Palayam detailed planning scheme to be amended and the Kerala Municipality building regulations to be relaxed for the project.
While the maximum coverage allocated under the Detailed Urban Plan (DTP) in this area is 60%, the plan prepared for the Palayam Market Development Project required a coverage of 64.94%. The Chief Town Planner had provided the technical recommendation to allow for the relaxation of coverage and the state government approved the coverage as per the plan prepared by Smart City Thiruvananthapuram Limited.
The Palayam Connemara development project is being implemented as part of the Smart City project. Another relaxation has been made for parking.
The rules state that, of the mandatory off-street parking requirement, up to 50% may be provided for mechanized parking provided the owner/occupant ensures the safety, structural stability and operation of this parking system at all times. mechanized parking. .
The plan of the Smart city project foresees 220 slots. With the exception of seven slots for the disabled, the remaining slots were fixed as mechanical. Although this is seen as a breach of building regulations, the chief town planner had recommended a relaxation of the rules. The state government sanctioned the relaxation of parking standards based on the recommendation of the chief planner.
Building regulations require 50% ground parking, primarily considering safety and convenience factors. With 50% ground parking allocated for one space, even if mechanical parking systems fail due to errors or power failure, there will always be enough parking spaces. In the case of the Smart city project, more than 90% of parking will be mechanical.
The project includes the design, supply and installation of a prefabricated structure for the construction of a rehabilitation block for vendors, site clearance and construction of a new market building in Palayam, design, the supply, installation and maintenance of an electro-mechanical parking system in the basement of the proposed Palayam. market building.
The first two components will run at Rs 12.7 crore and Rs 61.05 crore respectively and the third component will cost Rs 8.17 crore. Future parking schemes in Palayam are expected to create sufficient number of parking spaces to meet the parking needs of the entire Palayam area including the Saphalyam complex and other businesses/institutions along MG Road.

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