Parking: advisers attack new “catastrophic” parking fees pushed by Labor



The council is led by Labor who control 30 of the 23 seats in the Conservatory. Wirral’s Environment and Transport Committee voted last month to introduce a new parking charge in more off-street bays.

This would standardize the charges in all parking lots managed by the Wirral Council.

The new rules would see drivers charged £ 1 per hour for the first four hours with a maximum of £ 5 for a full day.

However, this would include many coastal parking lots that are currently free to use.

The changes would also introduce new fees to bays in local villages, near businesses that depend on customers.

As a result, conservative advisers voted against the plan to introduce the new charges.

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The Liberal Democrats are also against the updates but abstained from voting on the issue.

Councilor Phil Gilchrist, leader of the Liberal Democrats on the council, warned that many residents believe the charges “will end” in their area.

He said: “Most of those who tell me about parking fees say they will kill, destroy or end Bromborough.”

The decision was reviewed at a local committee meeting last night.


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