Parking behind Newry Cathedral to be retained

Organizations participating in Newry, Morne and Down District Council, Newry City Center Regeneration Project, Stakeholder Working Group issued a statement saying they welcome the progress made on the parking issues they had regarding maintaining parking spaces behind Newry Cathedral as part of the proposed Civic Centre/Council Offices.

The majority of parking spaces currently behind the cathedral were to be removed as part of the new civic centre/council office proposal, something which Newry Cathedral Parish and many business owners were totally opposed to.

However, it appears that this agreement has now been reached and the Council is committed to retaining 141 parking spaces behind the cathedral with improved parking at the North Street Flats site.

The published statement read: “Representatives of Newry Town Center Enterprise (BID), Newry Cathedral Parish and representatives of Newry Arts Groups on the Stakeholder Consultation Working Group Newry Town Center Regeneration (NCCR) stakeholders on the NCCR business case all welcomed the progress achieved on parking.

“Parking was a key area of ​​concern during the NCCR consultation. Business, Church and arts groups welcome the Council’s commitment to retain and improve surface parking behind Hill Street and the Cathedral and to see the protected and improved North Street car park.”

Asking for progress on the proposed park at the Albert Basin and the new Center for the Arts, the statement continued “Stakeholders are also keen to see rapid progress on the park Albert Basin and the new Center for the Arts. Stakeholders will continue to engage constructively with the working group to ensure that the NCCR constituents are aligned with the consultation and reflect the views of their members and the people of Newry”

Speaking of parking, Canon Francis Brown, Parish Administrator of Newry Cathedral, said: “Having convenient parking was a key priority for the parishioners of Newry, especially our elderly and vulnerable parishioners. We are pleased that the number of parking spaces currently in place near the cathedral will now be maintained. »

Jim McGuigan, on behalf of the arts groups, said: “We welcome the progress on parking. We look forward to seeing the revised plans for the arts and theater development, which should address concerns about the frontage of the new development on the Bank Parade / Town Hall side, as it is within the Newry Conservation Area.

Eamonn Connolly, Director of Newry BID, said: “We want to see timely and impactful investment in Newry and partnership on key elements like the provision of parking is essential. This improved Council proposal to retain the existing parking lot is welcome. The Newry company looks forward to seeing the first progress of the Arts Center and Albert Basin Park.

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