Quiz: How well do you know your car logos?

Car logos are everywhere, making this the perfect medium for a logo quiz designed to drive you crazy. Some of the best-known and iconic logos can be found on the fronts of cars, but, unless you’re an avowed auto geek, you might think you know them better than you do.

Test your knowledge with the Ultimate Car Logo Quiz, which is actually quite difficult in some places. Famous car logos are displayed in pairs, one original and one slightly faked, and your job is to choose the right one. This game features some of the best logos ever so some were easy to recognize, but we have to admit we hesitated with a few. Some of them are quite subtle.


Which way is he facing? (Image credit: Ferrari on WhoCanFixMyCar)

While you can identify the direction the Ferrari horse is facing (above), you might think about the exact font used on the Peugeot brand for a longer period of time. And don’t get us started on that Abarth logo (below), it’s like playing a find the difference game.

abarth car logo

What is different, exactly? (Image credit: Abarth on WhoCanFixMyCar)

As an added bonus, as you uncover the right (or wrong) answers, you get some interesting logo trivia nuggets, which we’re always ready for. Head over to Who Can Fix My Car to try the quiz for yourself.

If this quiz has whet your appetite for even more car logo fun, see if you can identify the brand from its original logo. Or check out the time when people tried (and failed) to draw car logos from memory – it’s (apparently) not as easy as you might think.

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