Residents’ complaints about car parking at the Royal Oldham Hospital have been raised

FRUSTRATIONS with residents finding parking spaces at the Royal Oldham Hospital have been thrust into the spotlight.

Speaking at the full council meeting, Oldham Liberal Democrat group leader Cllr Howard Sykes said he “regularly” receives complaints about spaces being sought at the Rochdale Road site.

Cllr Sykes also asked if the local authority could work with the hospital and health partners to create spaces closer to the building and to make visitors aware of the concessions they may be entitled to.

He said: “The complaints that I and my fellow Liberal Democrats regularly receive from constituents who are either outpatients or visitors to hospital are the difficulty they have in finding a car park.

“It doesn’t matter if they have a disability or are just looking for an ordinary space.

“Sometimes residents, myself included, drive for what seems like an age to find a space as the minutes tick by for the appointment.

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“Frankly, stress is just not necessary, especially when you’re waiting for life-saving treatment, perhaps for cancer, or rushing to visit a sick relative.

“Additionally, parking spaces are sometimes far from the relevant ward or outpatient department and infirm or unhealthy visitors may find it difficult to make the distance between the car and the building.

“Can the leader, through her member of the health cabinet, appeal to hospital authorities to review visitor parking spaces to create more spaces in future development plans?

“Can they also be asked to ensure that patient and visitor areas, rather than staff areas, are located closer to wards and outpatient departments?

“We also get complaints about parking fees. I have researched hospital parking fees and there are a surprising number of concessions that would allow many patients to park for free or at a very low rate. reduced.

“If only they knew about them and could find a parking space.”

Cllr Sykes added that if Cllr Shah and Health and Human Services Cabinet Member Cllr Zahid Chauhan will work with health authorities and charities to raise awareness of these much needed concessions for regular visitors to the hospital.

In response, Cllr Shah said she shared Cllr Sykes and residents’ “concerns and frustrations” over hospital parking.

She added: “But I know these conversations have already taken place through the cabinet member responsible for health and human services and the hospital.”

Cllr Shah will pick up on the point by working with organizations to raise awareness of car parking concessions.

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