Saltash’s new parking spaces are only suitable for half a car

Parking is something many of us dread. It’s even worse if the spaces are quite tight or difficult to access – but a Saltash car park has spaces that are almost impossible to guarantee your car is in the lines.

The Belle Vue Short Stay car park, on Belle Vue Road, has become a popular talking point on the Saltash Community Facebook group, with one man joking that people need a ‘small car’ to park there .

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Many had commented that spaces “had always been boring,” but some wondered if spaces were meant to be used laterally.

We asked Cornwall Council but after no response we went to check the spaces ourselves and can confirm the width is too small to accommodate a side car.

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The spaces are only this size against the wall, the rest of the parking spaces are larger

The rest of the parking lot has normal sized spaces, but the spaces along the wall are smaller than the others.

Some people have joked that parking attendants can “give you a ticket for not standing in lines.”

According to the British Parking Association, off-street spaces should be 2.4 meters wide by 4.8 meters long.

Parking spaces at the Belle Vue car park in Saltash

“These dimensions are neither minimums nor written on stone tablets, and may be revised to suit your particular needs, but remember that good access and wider bays allow efficient use of the parking area “, he adds.

“Some car parks are now designed with a thick colored outline around the bays, an area to allow better access.”

Have you noticed small gaps elsewhere? Let us know in the comments.

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