Seaton Delaval fined £ 15,000 for supplying counterfeit car parts



An independent Northumberland company has been sued and fined over £ 15,000 for supplying counterfeit auto parts.

Northumbria Ltd, which operates under the name “4D” and is based in Seaton Delaval, has been sued following an investigation in which it was found to be supplying oil and gas filters. counterfeit air.

The company was selling the counterfeit products made in Poland and Turkey to garages in the northeast on the grounds that they were genuine Citroen and Peugeot parts, according to the Northumberland County Council Trade Standards Department.

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The company, whose director is Ellie Wilkes, has pleaded not guilty to six offenses under the 1994 Trademark Act.

The case was tried by the NewcastleMagistrates’ Court, where the company was found guilty of all six offenses.

The company was fined £ 10,000 and a total of £ 5,638.70 in costs with a victim fine surcharge of £ 181.00.

The court also ordered the confiscation and destruction of counterfeit items seized by officers during the investigation.

These goods had a market value of around £ 5,000, bringing the overall penalty imposed on Northumbria Ltd to over £ 20,000.

Northumberland County Councilor Colin Horncastle, a cabinet member responsible for community services, said :“This lawsuit should serve as a warning to any other trader or person considering selling counterfeit products.

“This will not be accepted in Northumberland and our trading standards team is ensuring that this type of activity is actively monitored and rigorously enforced.

Philip Soderquest, council’s head of housing and public protection, said: “We will not hesitate to investigate and prosecute traders who mislead or disadvantage consumers and other businesses through the sale or supply of counterfeit products. .

“The quality of these items is often much lower than the genuine item for which great care is taken during the manufacturing process to ensure that it meets applicable safety and quality standards. “

A spokesperson for Stellantis, which produces genuine filters for Citroen and Peugeot cars, said: “We would like to thank Trading Standards at Northumberland County Council for their prompt and comprehensive support in this matter.

“Product quality is a watchword for Stellantis and its employees. As such, any threat to the safety or quality of our products is taken very seriously and will be investigated, and all necessary action will be taken. “

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