Six counts of burglary and vandalism stem from attempted theft of auto parts | News

The alleged theft of car parts led a local man to the county jail last week on charges of burglary and vandalism.

According to the McMinn County Sheriff’s Department report, Deputy Brian Greenlaw was sent to HD Performance on Highway 11 South on December 24 due to a report of an ongoing burglary. The business owner was monitoring the suspect through surveillance cameras at the time.

Greenlaw reported that the caller said the male subject was attempting to break into the vehicles and building and was last seen attempting to enter a black Dodge truck.

Upon arrival, MCSD deputies could not see anyone in the open air and reportedly started looking inside vehicles through windows.

Greenlaw reported that he found a backpack between two of the vehicles parked near Highway 11, a gym bag and a set of keys on the ground.

“We went all around the field and we were starting at the side of the building when I heard a noise behind me,” Greenlaw reported. “A white Ford F-250 that had previously been checked now had the driver’s door open with a male subject standing in the doorway. When the vehicle had been pre-checked, due to the extremely dark tint of the windows, we could not see inside.

The suspect – identified as 18-year-old Tyler Braedon Caruso of Athens – has been taken into custody and is said to have said he was in the vehicle trying to sleep.

The rear window of the truck appeared to have been forced open and the latch was also broken.

According to the report, as MPs were transferring Caruso to the patrol vehicle, a metal tool fell from the suspect’s pocket and was identified as a key.

After checking Caruso’s person, officers reported finding a small amount of a substance appearing to be methamphetamine in the suspect’s front pocket along with a metal straw, flashlight and several burglary tools.

“It was discovered that when the vehicle was first checked, Caruso was in the cab of the truck actively attempting to steal the stereo,” the report said. “He waited for the police to walk away, then got out of the vehicle. “

After checking the suspect’s backpack, MPs allegedly found four car radios, two inverters, a flashlight, a large knife, small hand tools, a radar detector, an instrument cluster, stereo remote controls, Oakley sunglasses and lots of wire harnesses.

The duffel bag supposedly contained more wiring, four tachometers, an electronic brake control module and many small items.

“During the investigation, it was discovered that all of the contents of the backpack and sports bag had been stolen from vehicles parked at the company,” Greenlaw said in the report. “During the investigation, it was discovered that Caruso had entered six vehicles. He forced his way into three of the vehicles, causing damage. All six vehicles were damaged inside and all six vehicles were found to have sustained damage in excess of $ 1,000.

Caruso was arrested and charged with Possession of a Schedule II drug, Possession of Burglary Tools, illegal drug paraphernalia, six counts of Burglary and six counts of Vandalism.

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