States with highest and lowest used car price increases

Which states have the smallest increase in used car prices?

Rank/State % price change year over year Price change in $ year over year
1.Oklahoma 0.8% $278
2.Alaska 1.3% $542
3. Rhode Island 3.4% $1,038
4; Hawaii 5.0% $1,562
5. Mississippi 5.1% $1,663
6. New Mexico 5.5% $1,788
7. Arkansas 5.6% $1,906
8. West Virginia 5.8% $1,885
9.Missouri 5.9% $1,891
10. South Dakota 6.0% $2,160

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Although prices may be looking a bit upside down right now, silver expert Clark Howard expects them to adjust for the best. by the end of the year or the beginning of 2023.

Crazy prices aside, inventory issues have made getting that new car you might want quite difficult these days. In this spirit, Clark suggests you hang on to buying a vehicle right now whether you can.

If you absolutely must buy a vehicle, you may be able to get the one you want is to broaden your search beyond your area.

“What you’re doing is shopping around and even being willing to go further to buy a new vehicle than you might have in the past,” Clark says.

When Clark used this money-saving strategy to buy a car late last year, he saw price differences of more than $23,000.

What do you see in your condition? Join the conversation in our community!

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