The multi-level car park of the old SMG awaits its inauguration


The ramp type parking lot has four floors and there are many features that are likely to be added to make it part of the smart city project.

A manager advised that this parking lot would charge people reasonable rates.

“For four-wheelers, Rs 20 will be charged for the first hour, then Rs 10 for each following hour. For two-wheelers, the fee would be Rs 10 regardless of what time they are parked, ”an official said.

At a project cost of Rs 26.92 crore, four floors of the multi-level parking lot were built with the help of funding under the Atal Mission for Urban Rejuvenation and Transformation (AMRUT), a center-sponsored program aimed at developing the city’s infrastructure.

“This parking lot would have more than three upper floors to use for commercial purposes which would be built with the help of SDA’s own resources. These three stories would be built later, ”the official said.

The car park has two access stairs, five elevators and a ramp.

“The surface car park has a capacity of 43 vehicles and in addition 150 two-wheelers can also be parked here. The site area for SMG parking is 13.01 channels with appropriate entry and exit points for both approaches, ”an official said.

He added that to make it part of the smart city, there are a lot more features in the pipeline to add.

“These features include online information to people about parking space occupancy and vacancy, 24/7 real-time parking monitoring, card and barcode payments, and more.” , said an official.

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