The shortage of auto parts has a local impact

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – There is currently a shortage of auto parts in America and this is having an impact on how long it may take for your car to be fixed.

“I just have a hunch it’s just going to get worse, it’s not going to get better. It is very unfortunate. »Ed Malikowski, director at Mal Brother’s Autobody

Well, now is not the best time, auto stores are facing a shortage of auto parts. One of the auto parts supply issues that has been made worse by the pandemic is the production of air filters, they are made with materials similar to face masks, so during the pandemic, mask production had to be produced. increase, air production filters have fallen.

“It is not uncommon to wait for parts, weeks, months. Ed Malikowski, Director at Mal Brother’s Autobody

Mechanics say many people who worked in a factory warehouse before the pandemic quit their jobs for health reasons once the pandemic escalated. This left a gap in the number of people capable of making the parts. It is not quick to train new recruits in the field.

Also, because there is so much demand and so little supply of parts, mechanics see prices go up for what is available and have to look for them further. With foreign products, there is a shortage of people to unload the products.

At this point, instead of keeping the cars in garages, some mechanics just make the car usable until you can bring it to your house to wait for the parts to arrive.

“The suppliers are doing their best, but you can’t get something that isn’t there. »Ed Malikowski, director at Mal Brother’s Autobody

The mechanics say they are trying to fix your car as quickly as possible, but now their hands are tied.

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